College Roommate Crisis

4 Aug

Yesterday, during my routine stalking social interaction session on Facebook, I came across the page for the Rutgers Class of 2015. Here is a small sample of what I beheld.


Now, as any normal college freshman should be, I am extremely worried about my future roommate, but not for the stereotypical reasons. I can deal with a messy roommate, I can deal with a loud roommate, I can deal with a roommate that sleeps with a night light, I can also deal with a roommate that recites Shakespeare all day every day. What I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT deal with, is a roomate who does not appreciate the awesomeness of KPop.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I wake up to the lovely sound of T-Max’s “Fight The Bad Feeling” and on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, to MC Sniper’s “Hakuna Matata”. For the past three years, I have woken up to KPop as I have found it to bringsthat little spark of joy to my day. I sing the Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” in the shower, my ringtone is Dok2’s “It’s Me”, and I sporadically burst out in the chorus of Super Junior’s “Bonamana. My life virtually revolves around KPop. I swear, if my roommate is not a KPopper, I resolve that by the end of this school year, she will find herself a converted woman. =)



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