Junsu’s “Intoxication”

5 Aug

So the other day, I was notified via text that there was a YouTube performance that I absolutely had to see. Whipping out my handy dandy iPhone, I Googled the keywords “Jun Su”+”intoxication”. And this is what I found:

Now, that you have all been scarred for life, let’s take a closer look at the lyrics, shall we?

I make you shiver a little

By overlapping our skin, it’s foreplay

What my fingertips have found is

deep inside deep inside deep inside crazy

Touch you baby Again and again

I’ll squeeze you baby

Let me feel your madness

Stroke your light, girl

I’ll go crazy oh~

Tell me what you want

Let me, do you want me?

You say baby now

I know that you want me oh no

I want to make you say it baby now

Kiss and touch me

Taste and touch me baby

Eat you apart make love

I can touch me

Killing touch me baby

That is intoxication

We start with our fingers, then even our bodies tangle

I keep looking for the secret syrup

Below the soft moonlight that’s not turned off

I’m about to come because of your wavering voice


JYJ’s Junsu is known to be an excellent singer and I totally agree with this view. HOWEVER, I am still unable to fully comprehend what possessed him to perform this song in public. I also can’t understand what was going through the mind of the lyricist (well, maybe can, but I really don’t want to). The music video was so sensual that it was eventually banned from YouTube. Honestly, this song is an embarrassment to JYJ, Kpop, and music in general. I can’t imagine that Junsu was totally on board with the promotion of this song, and if that was the case, then I must admire his professionalism, because look at his other side! He’s kissing a puppy!!


2 Responses to “Junsu’s “Intoxication””

  1. Alice September 1, 2011 at 4:20 am #

    I agree with this post that this song is inappropriate, but I wanted to add something as well; Junsu IS a man. He may have been working to A.) Shock the pants off of us, but also B.) shed that little cutesy boy image that’s been tailing him all these years. It’s just a public image. It’s important to remember hat we really have no idea what a celebrity is like out of the public eye. I say this, but… *fangirl side takes over* JUNSU, I WISH YOU’D ONLY COME OUT WITH CLEAN, BEAUTIFUL SONGS! 😦

  2. dramapop September 2, 2011 at 1:24 am #

    Hi Alice, thanks for commenting! As I said in the article “I can’t imagine that Junsu was totally on board with the promotion of this song, and if that was the case, then I must admire his professionalism”. This post was not debating whether Junsu is a man or not, neither is it challenging his professionalism(I’m actually applauding it!). The article was merely a commentary on the ridiculousness of the song and lyrics themselves.

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