WTF of the Week: G Dragon Shaves His Head

5 Aug

Motherchucker. That’s the first thing that came to my head when I heard the news that G Dragon, the epitome of current Korean style and fashion, did the unthinkable.

“Is this a joke?” suddenly sprung to mind as I rushed to read about it. Unfortunately for me–and in my opinion, for GD himself–it is true. Now I know G Dragon has done numerous things to his hair from bleaching it blonde to shaving one side to having multiple perms and colors, you name it and he’s done all of it. I guess he’s ran out of ideas for his hair.

Although I wouldn’t blame him for losing all that precious locks. If I were to constantly bleach, dye, perm, curl, heat, and all the shenanigans that GD has done to his hair, I’d need to shave it too one day. That’s not healthy for anyone to have all that chemicals on your head. Plus, it’ll allow his hair to start over without all of the damages done to it. I guess, we’ll just have to think of it as a brand new start for him.

Still, there are just WAY TOO MANY jokes about his head I can make, starting all the way from “penis-head” to “Buddhist monk”. As a big fan of Big Bang and especially G Dragon, it will be interesting to look at his pictures for a month or two.

-by Clarence




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