[Review] Sunny Hill’s “Prayer”

8 Aug

Almost immediately after the release of Sunny Hill’s MV for their new single “Prayer”, the MV was slapped with a ban from both KBS and MBC due to its “abusive nature”. Intrigued, I watched the music video for myself to see if it was really worth all of the hype.

Credit: LoveKpopSubs6

THE MUSIC VIDEO: The storyline of the MV is pretty basic, but its execution is what makes it stand out. In typical Beauty and the Beast fashion, a malformed creature falls in love with the beautiful woman. Said woman actually works for some sort of scientific agency that uses her to peacefully draw in the creature and perform all manners of tests on it. After the abuse becomes too much for the creature it finally snaps and runs away from lab, only to be shot down cruelly by the same woman who initially persuaded him to follow her.

The creature’s innocent, childlike demeanor makes the story that more pitiful. Artistically shot, the comparative imagery of the cold white lab and the unsuspecting creature makes for a beautiful and poignant video. The final eerie shot is of the ear of the creature floating in a jar of formaldehyde.

THE SONG: Though it’s hard to focus on the actual song when watching the movie, the track is a simple and beautiful song. Sung excellently by the three female members of Sunny Hill, “Prayer” contains powerful lyrics that can be interpreted in various ways. With a style greatly contrasting their previous release, “Midnight Circus”, “Prayer” showcases Sunny Hill’s vocal flexibly.

THE REACTION: While the MV does step away from the stereotypical Korean artist’s, I personally do not see why both KBS and MBC banned it from their stations. I think that the material may be a little too deep for small children to handle, but such videos and songs are usually given a rating that does not allow it to be broadcasted before a certain time. In such cases, the agency releasing the video usually edits the content to fit the broadcasters’ requests. However Sunny Hill’s agency, LOEN entertainment, refused to do so, which is a decision I greatly respect. Graphic scenes such as the doctor drawing blood from the creatures head, the shooting of the creature, and the ending with the ear, may not be for every viewer’s eyes, but they add greatly to the artistic element.

What do you think?



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