Top Ten Tuesdays: K-Pop Summer Songs 2011 Part 1

9 Aug

Welcome to Tuesday Top Ten! This is our weekly segment where we create a top-ten list of things that range from top movies to top stars to even top favorite foods! Everything and anything!

Welcome to the first installment of Top Ten Tuesdays! This week, I’m doing my top ten favorite songs of the summer. K-pop has one of the most consistently delicious summer songs simply because they’re all made for you to dance and scream. Here are the ten songs that made me dance the most during the hot times.

Almost made it (12). ZE:A – “Watch Out”

With its uplifting charming vocals, sunny melody, and “lalalas”, ZE:A has crafted one impeccably designed summer song.

Almost made it (11). Jang Woo Hyuk – “Time is [L]over”

Released at the beginning of the summer, the former H.O.T. member comes back with a fantastic digital song that completely showcases Woo Hyuk’s talents as both a rapper and a vocalist. Bonus points for having one of the best choreographed music videos this year.

(Sideline question: Why does he look so young at 33??? It’s amazing!)

10. Secret – “Starlight Moonlight”

Although it doesn’t make you want to dance the same way other songs on this list do, the sound of this jewel makes you want to melt in the summer heat with its catchy finger snaps, claps, and “shoobap”s. It’s simply irresistible.

9. Boyfriend – “Boyfriend”

Young and fresh vocals mixed with cute smiles and even cuter choreography makes Boyfriend THE MOST adorable new kids on the block.

8. HyunA – “Bubble Pop”

Raunchy video aside, there’s another reason why this song has garnered more than ten million views on youtube at the speed of light. This sexy song makes you want to dance and follow along to its catchy lyrics. It’s perfect for the summer when you want to lay down by the beach or splash in the pool.

7. MBLAQ – “Mona Lisa”

Coming back with their best song yet, MBLAQ surprised the hell out of me with this beautiful song accompanied by an accordion, of all instruments. Plus, the Spanish-inspired music fits the summer atmosphere quite well.

6. Miss A – “Goodbye Baby”

Miss A is no stranger to making songs for the summer that make you want to just shake your booty R&B style. This isn’t the pop perfection that “Bad Girl Good Girl” was but that doesn’t mean this song is any less infectious and alluring.

5. T-ara – “Roly Poly”

T-ara is the reigning queens of “aegyo” right now with this incredibly catchy retro disco track that features a cowbell! Although they fumble the title by saying “Loly poly”, that doesn’t diminish the song’s fun melody and ultra adorable lyrics.

4. Super Junior – “Mr. Simple”

Only released two week, it’s already risen to the top of my playlist! Super Junior has always been in tune with the nightclub crowd as seen with the double awesomeness of “Sorry Sorry” and “Bonamana”. They stick to the formula and it doesn’t disappoint especially when you consider the fact that I hear almost (if not all) of the members singing/rapping! Bravo!

3. B2ST – “Fiction”

It’s not exactly the type of dance music that I’d want to groove to in the summer but to hell with that. B2ST came back with their best song yet, proving that they’re not some cookie-cutter Kpop group. It’s a masterpiece of emotion and heartbreak perfectly captured in the astounding vocals of its members.

2. 2PM – “Hands Up”

Talk about a perfect party song–this song captures the mood of the festivities with its “put your hands up put your hands up” chants and its addicting instrumental. Finally, a 2PM song that doesn’t make me sad.

1. 2NE1 – “I Am the Best”

No kidding. 2NE1 proves that they are the best with this uber-catchy and addicting song that will make you dougie (YES THEY’RE DOING THE DOUGIE IN THEIR PERFORMANCES) and say “naega che ja laga” repeatedly. I love working out to this, randomly dancing to this, eating with this, and basically everything with this.

Well there you have it! These are the ten songs from my ipod that made my summer fun and lively.



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