What I Like About Protect the Boss

9 Aug

Last week was the debut of the new drama “Protect the Boss” starring Choi Kang Hee, Ji Sung, and Hero Jaejoong from TVXQ. The show replaced the much dearly missed City Hunter (upcoming post about Lee Min Ho in the show on Friday!) which went out with a bang (literally and figuratively) two weeks ago. How does this show compare to the epic awesomeness of City Hunter?

Usually it takes time for me to warm up to new dramas because I may or may not be ready to the unfamiliar characters nor am I warming up to the new stories. Some like Coffee Shop or Secret Garden took me a while to grow fond of them and others like Heartstrings never pull me in but keeps me at arms’ length. However, there are a few that has garnered by full attention from the get-go whether rightly so (Shining Inheritance, Personal Taste, City Hunter, Scent of a Woman) or rightly so at first only to disappoint me later on (Boys over Flowers).

This new drama caught my attention from the get-go and I’m totally hooked. There are a couple of things that really make me love this show. First off, the female lead role is badass. In her first scene, we see her trouncing on guys with flying kicks and punches thrown around. Kang Hee does a wonderful job of showing this woman’s coolness without making her silly and I love her scenes with the best friend (whose name escapes me, unfortunately because I enjoy her on screen). You don’t see a lot of girls kicking ass on the get-go and personally I enjoy watching women with backbones and not going for the aegyo contrivances that some lead stars happen to fall into.

What really warms up my heart though is Ji-Sung  who perfectly embodies his character’s obsessive compulsive nature and does wonders with the physical comedy and boyish charms he has displayed insofar. His lack of confidence hidden behind a mask of his jerk antics has me already enthralled. I love love love his scenes with his dad who is as funny and the potential scene-stealer of the show, especially when he hits his child in the elevator repeatedly. I can already think of how much potential this character has as an acting challenge with all the neurosis he can tap in for both drama and comedy. Plus, that bookbag! OMG he looks like a cute man-child with it! Perfect!

The story of course is chugging along pretty well for two episodes only. Already, we have the setup in place with Jaejoong‘s character attempting to steal Ji-sung’s character’s company from him. In addition the details of Ji-sung’s addiction are wonderfully emphasized without making it so obvious (although there are obvious scenes, I found them necessary and don’t hinder the story at all).  Speaking of which, I wasn’t mortified by Jaejoong’s performance. It’s quite nuanced and he balances the character’s plotting and evil side with his sweet and charming nature effectively. We never get a sense that he’s completely evil nor is he completely good, which is a relief at this point.  Of course, Wang Ji-hye is yet to leave an impression since I’ve seen so little of her character yet. But she has a long way of going if she wants to impress me given my already dislike for her acting in Personal Taste.

But from what I’ve gotten so far, I really admire and enjoy this drama. I hope that it continues to bring out the goods in this week’s episodes.



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