2011 Comebacks I’m Dying to See

10 Aug

Since summer is almost done, I’m anticipating some major comebacks from Kpop stars that haven’t been back on the scene in a while. Earlier this year, we’ve been treated to comebacks from BIG BANG, DBSK, Super Junior, 2NE1, B2ST, FT Island, Miss A, CN Blue, Brian Joo and Hwanhee, Wheesung, 2PM, Jay Park, etc.

Although K-pop time seems to be warped (everything is faster, be gone for a year and it’s automatically a comeback) and promotions last about two months, the comebacks that I have here are merely rumors with some aspect of truth in them. Hopefully, these rumors are true.

Of course, there are more comebacks I’m anticipating by the end of the year, here are a list of some that I can’t wait to hear!

Lee Hyori

This megastar came back with a full album last year called “H-Logic” but was embroiled in plagiarism scandals that forced her to stop all promotions and lay low for a while. Rumors circulated as early as January that the Queen of Everything* is going to have a major come back this year after she initially didn’t want to make music until *gasp* 2012. The comeback was slated for June but it was postponed til as early as August but maybe heading for September. Either way, I’m excited to see her onstage or hear new music from her.

*My fond nickname for her since she steals my heart at everything she does. I love her to bits and pieces. :)*

SNSD/Girl’s Generation

After experiencing incredible success with their Japanese album (it sold 500,000 already, rare for even many acts in the US nowadays), there has been rumors that the girls are finally coming back with a Korean album. If Hoot or Run Devil Run or even Mr. Taxi are any indication, the girls are steady going for sexy appeal instead of the cutesy girlishness of Gee (which catapulted them to international fame).  That’s the SNSD that I adore the most.


I LOVE Seungri as much as I love all the other members of Big Bang (three others will be in this list) and I LOVE his last album, easily one of the best I’ve heard so far this year. It’s such a shame that Big Bang can’t come back as five because of Daesung’s unfortunate accident in May but in the meantime, the other four are pursuing solo projects. Seungri, who made a deep impression on me earlier this year, is the one I anticipate the most. If he can make songs as amazing as “White Love” and especially “What Can I Do”, then I’ll be mildly* satisfied until the end of the year.

*I want another Big Bang album…A full album not just a mini-one :(. Therefore, I won’t be ecstatically satisfied until I get one

Wonder Girls

The girls have been attempting to break it into the US market for a while now ever since their hit song “Nobody” became the first K-pop song (albeit in English) to debut on the Billboard Hot 100. However, there are hints and rumors that Wonder Girls are going to make a comeback later this year. With 2PM and Miss A already earlier this year, the fall season will be empty without at least one JYP group in the mix. Wonder Girls can fix all that.

Brown Eyed Girl

The girls have not released a new Korean song in two years and although there have been rumors and press releases suggesting that they’re going to release an album this year, it has been delayed often times until later this year. If they can recapture the mood of “Abracadabra”, that pop gem of a song, I’ll be incredibly happy. I love me some Brown Eyed Girls and can’t wait to see them again.


Because of the unfortunate accident Daesung was involved in May, the other members started working on solo material. GD and TOP are an awesome combo. Their last album was full of epic party music that shined a different light on these two stylish and swaggerific rappers. Here’s hoping that round two is as inspired as the first.


Of all the other members of Big Bang, Taeyang has done the most solo work. He’s been releasing his solo music since 2008 with “Look Only At Me” and the one that most international fans know, “Wedding Dress”. Since the temporary hiatus of Big Bang, Taeyang may or may not release new music this year. Although he’s been spotted in Los Angeles working with top producers. Perhaps he and the other members will have a comeback after all. Regardless, I’m excited to see what new music we get from the Big Bang boys.

There you go! Although not all of them are confirmed for a comeback, there have been indications that all of them will make a comeback by the end of the year. If not, there’s always next year 🙂 Here’s hoping they do come back this year though since all the waiting time kill me.



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