Kim Bum is Coming Back!

10 Aug

And then the whole world stopped to pause…Maybe? Today, some Boys over Flowers fans (and I know there are many) are rejoicing as Yi Jung aka F4 Member aka Cassanova is coming back in our drama lives! I’m so so excited.

Out of all the joys and heartbreaks and literal hissy fits I’ve experienced watching Boys over Flowers, Kim Bum and his screen partner Kim So Eun (apart from the always-watchable Lee Min Ho) were the true joys of the show for me. They could have existed as an entire show onto themselves and I would have watched every minute of that show and savored every moment I see Kim Bum onscreen.

He’s not the most talented actor, sure, but there is something about him that draws me in regardless. His cassanova had equal amounts of funny and tragic and Kim Bum found the best ways to explore this character’s troubling lifestyle. Whereas Jun Pyo-Jandi love affair made me feel stuck between eye-rolling indifference and rage-stroking madness, the Yi Jung-Ga Eul left me awestruck and teary in equal measures. They just go together so nicely and their relationship has one direction unlike the multiple stops, reverses, and left turns the JunPyo-Jandi relationship took.

He hasn’t had a prominent role in a while and I’m glad he’s back onscreen later this December in “Padam-padam”. He will play Kook-soo, the best friend to the main character played by Jung Woo Sung and as some sort of guardian angel.

Happy waiting!



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