WTF of the Week: G.NA in 3D

10 Aug

She’s cute, she’s an amazing singer, and she’s Canadian. G.NA is an amazing person all round, and I enjoy watching as she gains more and more recognition for her talents. The singer announced that she will be having her comeback later this month, complete with new mini album and 3D music video. Yes, you read correctly, 3D music video.

I for one do not completely understand what the point of a 3D music video is. I mean, you basically catering to the .046% of human beings who actually are in possession of 3D anaglyphic glasses. I’m not even sure how you can attain such glasses besides stealing them from the movie theater.

G.NA isn’t a pioneer in 3D music videos. A while back, SNSD released a 3D version of their hit track “Genie” and was met with a lukewarm response. Most people were not too happy with seeing strange red and blue outlines on their screens instead of the regular version.

G.NA’s comeback was supposed to be on the 16th of August, but was pushed back to the 23rd. Cube Entertainment released a statement saying: “The music video is a large-scale production, and it required a lot of additional filming due to the 3D camerawork that was involved”.

Personally, I am absolutely content with watching my favorite artists in 2D, and would much rather view a two-dimensional G.NA in 6 days over a three-dimensional one in 13.



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