I Can’t Live Without My TI-84

11 Aug

Oh the agony. The horror. It’s a conundrum! Dramatics aside, I seriously don’t know how I’ll go through college without depending on my handy dandy TI-84 calculator, which had helped me all four years of high school with tests and homework. This year, I’m taking Calculus which involves a lot of graphing, which happens to be my least favorite part of Math aside from Geometry (eek shapes and theorems and proofs). 

In two week, I have to take a placement test to know which Math class I have to take (I’m pretty solid in Math and I know how to factor and about limits etc.) and I’m fretting because we’re not allowed to use calculators. It’s like a drug to me; I’ve lived with it so long that without it I have a hard time doing simple calculations (the basic arithmetic is pretty easy but takes a while nowadays). And I have to admit it, I’ve forgotten how to deal with decimal multiplication or division.

That was my biggest issue during my AP Chemistry exam last May. Because we weren’t allowed to use calculators, we had to do every calculation in the multiple choice ourselves. I ended up struggling trying to figure out how to multiply 0.001 by 0.01 and divide that number too. It was such a travesty because I would have done better had I not stopped to figure out such easy questions (I got a 3 which is not shabby considering it’s Chemistry we’re talking about).

The biggest fear I have is my lack of confidence with graphing. Sure, simple line graphs, parabolas, etc are easy enough to figure out. But once you add in all the other variables that complicate simple equations, then my brain starts checking out. Eek, I’m so worried.

Not that I wouldn’t use my calculator outside of class, mind you. I’ll just be depending on it less except with homework or to verify answers. Still, if you’re still really young, don’t depend on calculators! Use your brain once in a while.



2 Responses to “I Can’t Live Without My TI-84”

  1. Brittany August 30, 2011 at 6:45 pm #

    I’m in high school and my TI-84 is my best friend lol well I just use it a lot. I do think I’ve become too dependent on it though.

    • dramapop August 30, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

      Yeah I’m taking Calculus right now and we are not supposed to be using it much ;(

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