11 Aug

Some friends having fun at noraebang

Karaoke. Where you can sing to your heart’s content regardless of how awful you are. In Korea, karaokes are called noraebang–those dark rooms with a huge television screen, some big speakers, tambourines, and if you’re lucky a disco ball! Noraebang is so fun especially when you have friends to enjoy it with.

Since I’ve moved from New York City to Washington DC, I’m kind of a in a nostalgic and yearning mood. One of the places I miss the most in New York is K-Town with all of its Korean food and shops and best of all noraebang. My friends and I frequent the place every time we want to go out.

My first encounter with noraebang was two years ago, during the summer before my junior year in high school. My friends and I went to K-Town in downtown New York City and spent a good two hours singing songs both in English and Korean (well I stuck to English then since I didn’t know how to speak/read Korean nor have I made any attempts to memorize the songs yet) while eating some kkimbap.

I still distinctly remember my friends singing 2NE1’s I Don’t Care (my first encounter with my soon-to-be favorite girl group yet) and the awkward but hilarious way my friend tried to rap. It’s all good fun.

Asians particularly love karaoke. I’m Filipino so I know that one stereotype we have is that Filipinos have their own karaoke machines (called MagicMic) at home. Those are cheap compared to the karaoke machines at noraebangs or regular karaoke joints.

Noraebangs are endless fun. I love to sing songs until I can’t speak anymore (and it happens all the time; I suck at singing but I still like to sing songs with high notes until my voice cracks). When you have food and drinks, it gets even better. But the best part of noraebangs are the random dances we break out into from time to time. Oh yes, there are plenty of times when I suddenly just dance to the song especially when there’s a specific choreography attached to the song. Remember “Bad Girl Good Girl” and the dance that came along? Oh yea, one of my friends and I were on the floor and up trying to dance the sexy dance. “Tonight” by Big Bang? Forget about it, there was some random jumps and shaking that occurred. Moving to “I Am the Best” ? Hell yes! I was doing the dougie and the sexy ski dance while I was singing. It’s all good shameless fun.

It gets even better when you sing in Korean. I still don’t know Korean outside of some random greetings and formalities and some phrases but I have memorized a bunch of songs, mostly 2NE1, to get ready for noraebang. Yes I’ve nostalgically sang “It Hurts” every single time I’m at a noraebang. I’ve crooned to “What Can I Do” and sang “Lonely” with sadness and even attempted to sing “Cafe” (falsettos galore–it’s a train wreck waiting to happen for someone like me).

The point I’m making is that noraebangs are fun. Whether you sing good or bad, it’s the one place you can sing outside of your house and in front of your friends where talent doesn’t matter because everyone is just caught up in the moment. Plus, the memories you have from there are pretty darn sweet.




2 Responses to “Noraebang”

  1. Alice August 24, 2011 at 3:31 am #

    Sexy ski dance? Is that a Simon and Martina reference? 😀

    • dramapop August 24, 2011 at 10:54 am #

      Yes!!! 😀 I loveee Simon and Martina. They’re honestly a big inspiration for me 🙂 I’ll do a post about them soon.

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