Guess Who’s Back! Girl’s Generation!

12 Aug

Not long after I released the list of comebacks I’m anticipating the most for the latter half of 2011, the news came out that SNSD or Girl’s Generation, one of the biggest KPOP groups (in both size and popularity) and I couldn’t be more friggin’ excited! Weeeeee.

In the past, I’ve griped about how much I disliked groups like SNSD and Super Junior because they had too many members. Eventually I’ve come to love the music that they both make but I never completely got over the fact they have so many members. Still, the fact that SNSD is coming back with a new album is bliss to me. Regardless of how much I dislike the number of members, I can still appreciate their ability to make uber-catchy songs.

In fact, in honor of SNSD’s upcoming album release, I’d like to list my three favorite SNSD songs:

3. Gee

Ah “Gee”. This is the song that shot SNSD to international fame with it’s super aegyo-style vocals and dances. Everybody loves the chorus here because it’s repetitive nature makes it so addicting to say. Try not saying gee gee gee gee gee when you hear this song. It’s almost impossible, I say.

2. Run Devil Run

Sure, this is a Ke$ha song originally but I think SNSD made this song so much better. The fact that there are more than one girls singing in the chorus makes it more rousing and makes it stick in your head. This is the song that made me really like them. It’s sexy and displays enough vocal prowess for me to appreciate the girls for their talent and stop hating them based on their size. Plus, SNSD have more talent than a million Ke$has put together.

1. Hoot

This is the track that completely won me over. Their strengths are in numbers and it never shines as brightly as it does in the chorus. In addition, they’re both sexy and cute at the same time here. I love the Western-feel to the song aided by the guitar riffs. (PS I love the Siwon cameo in the video).

Here’s to a successful comeback!



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