Red Hair…Why Some People Can’t Have It

12 Aug

With the recent news of G-Dragon and TOP going apeshit with the hairstyle they choose (I mean look at them–I mean, DON’T LOOK AT THEM), I want to shed some light on a recent phenomena that is really upsetting me: RED HAIR. I understand that some people have red hair when they were born (gingers, ya know) but celebrities these days opt for the hair color that is unnaturally bright red (sometimes bordering on pink) and I just don’t understand why.

I'm trying to be avant-garde here people, sheesh!

I can’t always blame them for it; as a frequent viewer of America’s Next Top Model, they say that people who go red choose to be noticed. Boy, with these hairstyles people can notice you from miles away and not in a good way. You see, there is natural red and clownish red.

Natural red looks like the color that natural redheads would have when they are born. Take the deliciously cute and talented Emma Stone. She’s a natural blonde but she’s been sporting red hair for a while now and I must say I wouldn’t have guessed she was blonde. Her red hair makes her so sexy sometimes and cute other times and always flatters her skin color. It just looks fabulous on her:

The right way to go red

But sometimes, people just go extreme with the red tint. Rihanna shocked everyone (and she likes it that way because she is masochistic after all, don’t ya know?) when she debuted her red head last year. I understand that Rihanna loves to change up her hairstyle and I usually agree with her choices. I remember that slick extreme bob she did in 2007 for Good Girl Gone Bad. That was totally awesome. She gets chicer every year since she debuted in 2005 with that ultra plain girl-next-door image. Still, I can’t stand her hair as it is. Oh the agony it is to look at her without thinking of sad clowns especially with the heavy make up she dons in most of her pictures. Eek. Sad clown indeed.

Now here are some offenders in K-pop that need to go commando like G-Dragon and shave it or head for the salon and dye a different haircolor (but not something as awful as TOP’s…Even with his scorching hot looks he can’t get away with that).

Bang Yong Guk

Bang Yong Guk

He’s the most recent K-pop celebrity to go red and I can’t stand it. Sheesh it’s not red; it’s almost pink and it clashes with his skin color. Also, his song “I Remember” is so serious and sad along with the music video but I can’t take him and the song seriously with him looking like that. It’s like every time we cut to the story part of the video I get all teary and gushing and then when we cut to him I start giggling and laughing. Way to go man. I’ve never laughed at a sad song and a guy getting shot multiple times dramatically before. Thanks to you, I feel ashamed.


Chansung - 2PM

Yes, I’d look uncomfortable too if I were sporting your hair color. There’s this particular scene in Princess Diaries that I really enjoy. It was right before Mia “cones” Lana with her ice cream. Lana and her gang of school cliche bitches were just making fun of Jeremiah for his clownish redhead:

"Sunglasses ladies, it's the Jeremiah Hair glare"

Leading to one of the bitchiest quips from this very PG story:

“So Jeremiah the girls and I were wondering if that sweater was made for you or did the knitting machine just blow up. Sunglasses ladies, it’s the Jeremiah hair glare.”

For once I can’t blame Lana and her yuppies for being bitches. Looking at Chansung’s hair would surely make one bitchy too. Chansung: please please, get hair advice from someone else. I mean they did right by Wooyoung with his blonde hair but man, please change your hair. Otherwise, I’ll have to sport sunglasses while watching you guys perform (preferably before October 9, when I’ll be seeing you live <3).

Seunghyun – B2ST

Seunghyun -- B2ST

You are pretty–really pretty Seunghyun and I mean that as a compliment (why didn’t you look like this during the Big Bang documentary?) But your hair is really unfortunate. Sometimes it’s pink and sometimes you look like a tomato. Not once did you look right to me. Some might say your hair is unique. Well there’s a reason why your hair is unique. No one wants that color unless you’re Fizbo the clown or something.

Taemin – Shinee

Taemin - Shinee

You are so adorable Taemin but get rid of the red hair. Matching your hair with your jacket doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you looks like a brick. One giant uncute brick. Oh and I can’t stop thinking of that awful hairstyle you sported from Hello video last year. Remember? You were wearing black and had a mophead dyed red. Yeah. Let’s not relive that ok thx bye

L-Joe – Teen Top

L. Joe - Teen Top

Please tell me that’s a wig and fire the stylist who put it on you. Not only did he sport some weird red hair color (it’s really pink…but pink is like Red yeah?) but he curled it! WTF. You look neither cute or chic. You just look desperate.

I’m sure there are more celebrities that sport red hairs. But these are the ones that I could think of right off the bat. I’m all for trying out new things but not when celebrities look like caricatures of themselves.

It’s not that I don’t like red hair. On the contrary, I do. I love celebrities with red hair. I just like it if celebrities go for the more natural hair colors instead of the sad clown-look these guys ended up with. I mean, sure some people probably like these hairstyles but I don’t. It’s a matter of opinion I guess.

Just look at Kayla from ANTM Cycle 15. I’d be sad too if Tyra gave me that hair.

"Not only did I not win but I get to have this hair? WTF Tyra why you hate me so much!?"



3 Responses to “Red Hair…Why Some People Can’t Have It”

  1. Alice August 24, 2011 at 3:21 am #

    LoL a brick! I think Taemin sports the red hair well, but I agree with you on the rest of the kpop dudes. While you’re mentioning Teen Top, how about talking about the rest of the members’ hair colors? Supa Lov was a freaking rainbow of brightly colored hair.

    • dramapop August 24, 2011 at 10:55 am #

      Yes you needed sunglasses to look at them without laughing. Terrible xD

  2. Gvnatsa July 11, 2013 at 4:08 am #

    Hey guys, i’ve just seen this post and i don’t understand who you are to judge them? I really like some K-POP idols with red hairs, especially Yong Guk here, so if they like that color on their head what’s the problem with you?

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