[Review] I Remember-Bang Yong Gook ft.Yoseob

12 Aug

Topping multiple charts within hours of its release, “I Remember” the brand new single by rookie rapper Bang Yong Gook featuring B2ST’s Yoseob has become an instant hit.

*I decided to first listen to the song without watching the controversial music video so that I can give my impressions on the track alone.*

Within the first 30 seconds, I was hit with a beautiful piano sequence, Yoseob’s delicate voice, and Yong Gook’s heavy baritone raps. Surprisingly, the sudden onslaught of a variety of textures didn’t sound complicated or overdone; instead, they blended together in a strange yet intriguing manner. The track reminded me somewhat of “Numb” by Jay-Z and Linkin Park. In both cases, rap and rock, two seemingly different genres, go hand in hand with each other. They both portray anger or sadness more often than not, and sound amazing when joined in the same track.

I was first captivated by Yong Gook’s voice in Ji Eun’s (from Secret) single, “Going Crazy”. His raps were amazing and his deep voice held an amazing contrast with Ji Eun’s. Some have compared him to Big Bang’s T.O.P. While they both share a baritone voice, Yong Gook’s raps are slower and more pronounced, emphasizing the words rather than the rhythm. One the other hand, T.O.P is more musical with his raps; he plays around with meter and pitch while Yong Gook just sticks to the basics.

One of the things that struck me the most about “I Remember” was how little we got to hear of Yong Gook’s raps. Besides the two short verses, the song is dominantly mainly by Yosoeb and instrumentals.

Though it could be better, I’m impressed by this new rapper. Hopefully in songs to come, he will diverge more from the standard so as to find his own unique rapping style.




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