What I Like About 2NE1 TV

13 Aug

Stepping away from drama briefly, Korea also offers a lot of great variety programming. My favorite was the show Family Outing which ran from 2008-2010 (although only season 1 was good). Heck, their variety programs are more engaging, funnier, and often more accessible than some of the stuff we have here in the US. Their reality TV is far more realistic too compared to the Jersey Shores and Keeping Up with the Kardashians of our TV sets. Shame.

It’s no surprise that I’m a big fan of 2NE1. I love these girls so much because they’re so pretty, talented, and down to earth. Not to mention, they have such vividly colorful personalities that watching them on TV isn’t boring at all (even when you’d think watching celebrities get ready for shoots…oh never mind). Plus, for a Korean girl group, they have such diverse backgrounds and experiences: CL lived in France, US, and Japan; Sandara was a celebrity during her life in the Philippines; Bom Park studied in the US; and little Minzy stayed home in Korea. Yet what brings these girls together, despite their vast age differences (There is a 10 year difference between Dara + Bom and Minzy), is the friendship they formed as trainees at YG. It shows on TV too, how extremely close-knit these girls are and no fake chemistry is needed to light up the show. It’s just there naturally.

Into its third season, we’re already familiar with the format that 2NE1 TV will be using. The girls record their day-to-day activities with hand held cameras as well as some cameras set up in their homes. Camera crews will be following them on the set of their music videos, recordings, press gatherings, vacations, live shows, etc. It’s just like every reality TV show.

Yet, what sets apart reality TV shows like Kardashians from 2NE1 TV is the lack of drama. Now, I don’t exactly know how a format like 2NE1 TV would work in the US because in reality, there’s nothing really going on in 2NE1 TV; it’s essentially a show about nothing. Still, why do I keep watching it? The same reason people watched Seinfeld–a show about nothing; the characters are just funny and awesome. Who would want to miss out on Dara learning to play the guitar (and struggling with the F chord) or miss out on Bom Park exclaiming “Right now I’m not thinking about you” to someone who is trying to force her to bungee? Who wouldn’t find Minzy watering her plants adorable or find CL cute when she tries to talk about her mom? The girls have such great personalities that they’re so watchable on screen regardless of how terribly mundane their activities seem to be (not to mention how jealous we might feel watching all those designer clothes and stuff…Life of celebrities, ya know?).

In addition to these already colorful personalities, we get small but delightful doses of footage featuring other equally colorful people like Big Bang, Se7en, and Teddy. We get to know about the ins of the business without making it seem so obnoxious. Just what reality TV should be doing.

Did I mention TOP is on this show? He’s like the incarnation of all that is aegyo about a man. Cute.



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