Han Ye Seul Is a No Show [UPDATED]

15 Aug

So I know that most rumors tend to be false. And I know that people (especially overly-passionate KDrama viewers) tend to blow some events out of proportion. But there is no denying that Han Ye Seul (currently starring as Myung Wol in the drama” Spy Myung Wol”) is being a wee bit irresponsible when it comes to showing up on set.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the current KDrama production sequence, dramas are usually prerecorded for the first five or six episodes, but soon after then, move into what is called live shooting. If an episode of a drama was to air on Wednesday, that episode could be shot and edited literally hours before it goes on air.

You see where the problem is here? If Han Ye Seul decides to not show up for a shoot, and the whole crew is basically screwed. And that’s exactly what happened. Her management agency, Sidus HQ, gave an explanation of her no show, saying “Han Ye Seul is physically not in great condition, which is why she hasn’t gone to the film set yet… Han Ye Seul will return to the film set as soon as she’s in better health.”

Alright, so say she is sick. Doesn’t the production team and co-actors need to know of this beforehand? It was released that Han had previously asked for the PD (Program Director) to be switched out due to the fact that he was forcing the actors to go through a grueling and tedious shooting schedule. KBS (the station on which the show airs) responded by adding an additional PD.

Apparently, as the drama went on, Han Ye Seul repeatedly asked for a new PD, but was just told to “work a little bit harder”, until one day, she decided to just not show up.

One of the minor actors, Lee Kyung tweeted “Every day is excessive. As someone who is present in this excessive situation, it got me thinking about a lot of things. My day flew by with me waiting on standby for 8 hours”.

Han Ye Seul’s co-star Eric also stated “Of course, my tight schedule and filming itself have been a little hard, but I’ve been trying my best to keep my promise with the viewers… I believe that staying out of reach and causing the drama to stop is not right.  I wish Han Ye Seul would hurry and return to the set.”

It kinda sucks for all of the other people affiliated with the drama since the Myung Wol of a drama named Spy MYUNG WOL is absent. Netizens have been kind of harsh with their comments recently but take a look at the other side of the argument. Sidus HQ pointed out that at one time, the cast and crew had filmed throughout the night until 5AM, only to be told that filming would resume 2 hours later at 7.  Although she may be suffering from all of the long hours, so is everyone else. I think she should consider how her actions are affecting the entire production rather than just herself.


It’s been reported that Ham Ye Seul arrived in Los Angeles as has no intentions of filming the remainder of the drama. Both KBS and Sidus HQ are considering a lawsuit against her. There are also rumors of her leaving to marry some rich American entrepreneur?? Ye Seul, sweetie, I think you might need to draw the line between reality and the dramas you star in.



One Response to “Han Ye Seul Is a No Show [UPDATED]”

  1. Alice August 24, 2011 at 2:44 am #

    One actor misses 1 day and bam they don’t have anything to air. Though Ye Seul left on her own free will, what would happen if she had gotten an injury and therefore couldn’t show up (as has happened in SO many other kdramas)? They need to change the system.

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