[Review] “I Love You My Baby” by Mi and “Hug Me” by 10cm

16 Aug

I admit I don’t know much anything about either 10cm or Mi. I usually dwell in the more mainstream K-pop section–the area that usually garners the attention of international fans. But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and regretful at the same time; surprised because I didn’t expect to fall in love so hard with them on first listen and regretful that I’m only finding out about them now. Yesterday, 10cm a new track called “Hug Me” and Mi released a song called “I Love You My Baby”. Here are some thoughts I had on both songs.

Quick fact: One of my favorite artists ever is MYMP–a Filipino acoustic band that features a fabulous singer (although they changed that recently, shame :/). If you don’t know them, they usually cover older songs and infuse in them vulnerability and melancholy usually absent from the original song. There are at least two occasions where I’ve heard MYMP in Korean Entertainment. The first time, I heard MYMP playing in the background of 2NE1 TV when Sandara was driving her car to the car wash and when she played the first few chords of their song “Tell Me Where it Hurts”. The other time I heard MYMP, I was watching Scent of a Woman. In episode 7, I SWEAR I could hear MYMP in the background! Her voice is unmistakeable especially with the acoustic guitar!

Anyway, probably the reason why I love both these songs is the same reason I love MYMP. I’m a big sucker for acoustic music–sweet, mellow, and best of all displays the vocal ability of the singer often. Think of what “Lonely” did for 2NE1. It showed them off in a different light than the usual fierce chicks we get. Instead, we get four singers singing about heartache and I could have sworn they were ballad singers instead of K-pop idols.

Mi‘s “I Love You, Hug Me” is breezy and sweet with a touch of romanticism mixed in the air. The track features some of the most romantic and beautiful lyrics, the basic premise of which involves the protagonist meeting a guy who has his own flaws (he’s chubby and bushy beard) but she fell in love and says “It’s okay if he’s ugly so long as he listens to me.” Cue “awwws”. I love the ease at which she’s singing the song and the chorus where her voice reaches its highest notes.

10cm‘s “Hug Me” oozes the same amount of sweet romanticism as Mi without being overselling the cuteness of this song. The song is about the protagonist remembering his lover’s promise to hug him (“on hard dizzy days when I stumble , you promised to give me something”) whenever he’s feeling awful (“from the start of work til it’s over/the boss that hates me/kept saying bad things about me”) or alone (“Before I start to cry/ I want to have a cup of coffee/ but there’s no one to call”). The vocals are breezy and longing without straining for desperation. It’s beautiful and touching without getting too sentimental.

So have a listen 🙂




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