Top Ten Tuesdays: K-Pop Summer Songs 2011 Part II

16 Aug

Though I (sadly) only have 11 days left of summer *sad face*, here is Part 2 of our Top Songs of Summer 2011. (BTW, they are in no particular order)

*You can see Clarence’s Top Ten List here*

1.       Walkin’-Super Junior

Undoubtedly my favorite track off of Super Junior’s newest album,  “Walkin’” is just one of those songs that is subtly upbeat and instantly puts me in a good mood. It differs from other mood-lifting songs since it does have a slightly sad twinge to it. It is also an excellent vocal performance by the SuJu boys.



2.       Hands Up-2PM

2PM has done it again. The chart-topping infectious track makes me want to start jamming in Target, the bank, or wherever I am. As usual, Taecyeon’s raps are the highlight of the song. He really adds his own flavor to his raps, distancing himself from the stereotypical idol rapper.



3.       Kidult-Eluphant

Though Eluphant has always flown under the radar, “Kidult”, is definitely one of my favorite songs of the year. Featuring Doojoon from B2ST, the rap duo shows off their fun personalities throughout the track. Even if you are not a big fan of rap, it’s easy to enjoy this summery song.



4.       Golden Lady-Lim Jeong Hee

Lim Jeong Hee has been one of my favorite female soloists for a while now, but with “Golden Lady”, she displays a new, fun side that I have never seen before. This self-empowering song is perfected with her strong vocals that are usually reserved for ballads.



5.       Puzzle-4MEN

In a style not usually heard by vocal powerhouses of 4MEN, this light and fun track is an excellent summer song.

Credit: chungheekorea

6.       Go-AZIATIX

Okay so AZIATIX is a group made up three Korean-American singers and rappers, so that counts as KPop right? Though extremely underrated, AZIATIX is one of those groups to look out for. Check out their track “Go” and official website here.



7.       I’m the Best-2NE1

Naega Che Il Cha La Ga… The infectious chorus of “I Am the Best” has constantly been playing in my head since it came out. I run to it, dance to it…it’s awesome.



8.       Tic Toc-Infinite

As one of my favorite songs from Infinite’s new album, Tic Toc has a semi-dark vibe but is still a fun listen.

Credit: LooriWoori


9.       Good Bye Baby-Miss A

I always love the sassiness of Miss A’s songs. In a style completely different from 2NE1, the group manages to convey the same message of “I’m awesome, I’m the best, so don’t mess with me”. Though the vocals were a little bit lacking, Jia’s rap made the song.

Credit: missA


10.   Mona Lisa-MBLAQ

I have to say, I am extremely impressed with MBLAQ’s comeback. In a complete turnaround from previous releases such as “Stay” and “Y”, the quintet’s new album has a more of an indie vibe. Though “Mona Lisa” doesn’t necessarily fit with the rest of the album, I love the Spanish vibe that they took. Mir’s raps are fabulous as usual, G.O’s falsetto gives me goosebumps, and for once, Thunder sounds semi-decent



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