Happy Birthday G-Dragon

17 Aug

In honor of one Mr. Kwon Ji Yong, who was born on the 18th of August 1988, I bring you 23 Appropriate ways to celebrate G-Dragon’s birthday!

1. Listen to all Big Bang albums: Since 2007, Remember, Always (EP), Hot Issue (EP), Stand Up (EP), Tonight (EP).

2. Prank call a radio station saying you’re requesting “La La La” by Big Bang instead of “La La La” by Se7en.

3. Wear a lot of fabulous clothes.

4. Dye your hair blonde.Sh

5. Get a tattoo that says “too fast to live, to young to die”, “vita dolce”, or “moderato”.

6. Listen to his album Heartbreaker and watch the video for the title single. Make sure you attempt the dance too:


7. Write beautiful lyrics about love.

8. Say “I’m tired, really really tired” while grinning in the most adorable way:

9. Get a dog and name it “Gaho”. Take a picture of the dog sleeping on your beautiful blonde hair.

10. Be very supportive of your fellow bandmates by writing songs for them or appearing in their videos, etc.

11. Help someone carry her heavy stuff while heading out to a ski location therefore increasing the rumors you’re dating that someone.

12. Walk a fake runway by the beach in a one piece jumper with a white shirt under it and some boots along with Lee Hyori.

13. Listen and dance to GD and TOP’s album. Make sure to watch their videos too.

14. Practice your awards speech for winning Album of the Year.

15. Rap in both English and Korean.

16. Pretend you’re Gil Ra Im and do a parody of Secret Garden

17. Be the lovable Ji Hoon, one of the F4 boys, in your parody of Boys over Flowers. (Know that you’re more lovable than the other Ji Hoon)

18. Listen and dance to Team GG’s “Having an Affair”.

19. Panic when you don’t know where the rice in your cupboards went.

20. Stare at some G-Market ads.

21. Be close friends with your teammates. Cry for them when they’ve gotten into an accident.

22. Kiss T.O.P.

23. Be a wonderful entertainer.

Happy 23rd Birthday G-Dragon. I hope you stay as awesome as you are now.



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