[Review] Nine Muses – “Figaro”

17 Aug

A year after their debut single was released, the girls of Nine Muses have come back with a new song and music video titled “Figaro”.

The 7 girls of "Nine Muses"

The first thing I thought when I heard this song is how strikingly similar thematically or stylistically “Figaro” is with T-ara’s “Rolly Polly”. Both songs are fun retro disco tracks with its sunny beats. Even the music videos of both songs have similar feelings with the bold colors, the 70s-era backgrounds, etc. I guess it can’t be helped since both songs are essentially aiming for the cool vibes that 70s disco music had.

Compared to T-ara though, there is something very elegant about Nine Muses’ approach. Whereas T-ara’s song was more cutesy, we get the mature version of Roly Poly with Nine Muses. The vocals here are gorgeous. We get a lot of group harmonization here and it’s nice to see that a group actually sings together.

Take a look at the video:


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