E Tu, Jay Park?

18 Aug

Oh Jay. What do you want me to say about this? First G-Dragon shaves his head, then T.O.P decides to go Twinkie-colored, now you? My heart is breaking people.

I think this song is very fitting of the moment

Credits: AznSamManTV

Okay, so Jay Park dyed his hair light blonde. Though this is not as catastrophic as the GD/TOP incident, I’m not sure if my poor mind can take such mental turmoil any longer. People who are close to me know that I am a HUGE Jay Park fan. I love his music, his personality, his voice, his tattoos, his face, his body…everything. During high school, I literally shed tears when he left 2PM, and I conspired with my friend to skip school and go stalk him in Seattle (sadly, this never happened).

BUT I refuse to love his new hairstyle. Though he doesn’t necessarily look bad, I much prefer a dark-haired Jay Park to a blonde one. Jay has the type of face that can pull off a lot of looks, and he still looks semi-normal (which is more that I can say for SOME people…cough cough).

Jay stated that he made the drastic change because of his comeback (He’s having a comeback????!!!! *spasm*) which was pushed back due to his future appearance on Immortal Song 2 (a singing show similar to American Idol but without the eliminations)

So what do you think about Jay’s new hairstyle? Good? Bad? Or downright Ugly?



One Response to “E Tu, Jay Park?”

  1. Alice August 24, 2011 at 2:31 am #

    Not bad at all. I could get used to it.

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