Noh Min Woo To Star In Full House 2?

19 Aug

*Text Conversation This Morning*

Temi:huiwfjkocdha OMG They’re making Full House 2 with Noh Min Woo!!!!! =)))

Clarence:O_0 who’s Noh MinWoo?

Temi:Noh Min Woo is an actor who is freakin gorgeous. His prettiness exceeds JaeJoong’s =))

So the moment I heard that Noh Min Woo is a very very “likely candidate” for Full House 2, I flipped out for a couple reasons:

1. Noh Min Woo is BEAUTIFUL. Though he is not the greatest actor, I enjoyed monitoring his growth as an actor in Pasta, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Midas, and the drama special Rock Rock Rock.

2.The original Full House, starring Rain/Bi and Song Hye Go, is one of my favorite dramas to date. It aired in 2004 and contained every drama fanatic’s favorite situation: Hot guy and adorable girl are forced into cohabitation and their hatred for each other slowly develops into love.

I am really looking forwards to seeing the sequel of the drama and getting to see Noh Min Woo’s face every day.



One Response to “Noh Min Woo To Star In Full House 2?”

  1. Alice September 1, 2011 at 3:49 am #

    This drama will be AMAZING. 😀

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