Move In Day

21 Aug

Ah College. This Saturday, I finally moved into my dorm at American University around 9 pm. It was quite a busy day with everybody coming in and out with luggage, microwaves, TVs, boxes, etc. I also met my two new roommates for the semester.

Prior to moving in, I’ve been jittery all week with so much thoughts and worries flashing through my mind. It was an endless “what if” barrage in my head. I was also sad and nostalgic about the friends I’m going to miss in New York, the restaurants I won’t be able to go to (Shake Shack, I miss ye) and the noraebangs I’ve come to cherish (I’m still looking for one here in DC!)

On a happy note, people seem to be nice around here at school, especially my roommates. We may not share the same thoughts or ideas but at least we’re getting along fine…for now. Here’s to new beginnings.

Speaking of beginnings, we’ll be talking about the new dramas coming out this week including “Can’t Lose” and “A Thousand Kisses”. Stay tuned!



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