[Review] G.Na – Top Girl (***)

24 Aug

Apologies for the lack of writing this past couple of days. Temi and I have been busy with college-related activities. We’ll be back to writing more once it settles down a bit.

We have a lot of comebacks in store for the latter half of the year but G.Na is definitely one of the comebacks I’ve been anticipating. I like G.Na a lot: she can sing, dance, and her personality is hilarious (Have any of you guys seen her English battle with Brian? Cute). She made a splash earlier this year with “Black and White” and now she’s come back to repeat with her new mini-album “Top Girl”.

The first song from the album is the title track which features a 3D music video (WTF). The song follows closely with G.Na past lead singles like “Black and White” and I’m enjoying it. The dance beat is very addicting and I love the guitar riffs in it. Otherwise, I think it’s pretty standard K-pop.

My favorite song from the album is the very sexy tune “Banana“. I felt like Top Girl was trying to be cute and G.Na is best when she’s being sexy. This song is about going out for the night without care and it’s a great fun tune for the club. And unlike some other K-pop songs, the rap here feels like it belongs and not just forced in.

G.Na slows it down a bit for “I Hate You“–a remarkable but not entirely memorable mid-tempo song. It’s very standard K-pop but it’s still pretty good simply because G.Na sings so well here (sans emotion of course). I guess what I’m trying to say is that G.Na can do so much better. We’ve had “I’ll Back off So You Can Live Better”–a career-making song and I think G.Na really ought to go back to showing off her vocals more.

The other slow song of the album “Without You“–the sole ballad in the album. Here, we get the full force of G.Na’s vocals and reminding us of the glory of “I’ll Back Off So You Can Live Better”. Still, there’s a quality of it trying to be very pretty and cute and it still sounds pretty standard K-pop.

“Icon” is by far the worst song in the album. It’s a busy track with all the bells and whistles involved. It seems like the producers couldn’t think of only one sound, they chose to put multiple beats together until it distracts from G.Na. And the auto-tune in the 2nd chorus? Unnecessary.The piano in the bridge? Misplaced. The random G.Na wail at the end? Creepy. Plus the intro and the end “da-da-da”s are the type of sounds people use to annoy others.

Overall, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the album although I must say I do like the songs. However, I didn’t find anything to love about any of them. It’s a pretty standard K-pop album. There’s nothing new that it brings up about G.Na nor does it try to change up anything she’s done before. But G.Na remains interesting even if she’s quite one-dimensional so far in her career.


Rating: ***/5


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