Billboard Introduces K-Pop 100

26 Aug

This week, Billboard, the United States’ most prominent chart system that tracks album sales and the hottest songs in the country, is releasing its K-Pop Hot 100 to go with its Billboard Korea. This is the most recent addition to its collection of international charts that spans from countries like Japan to the United Kingdom.

I am a self-proclaimed list-addict. If I’m bored, I’d write the list of Best Actress winners or the number one songs of 2004. I love lists and I love award shows so Billboard was my first taste of listings galore. I was so aware of the new songs and the popular ones that I had so much songs on my ipod because I kept updating based on what I liked off of the Billboard Hot 100.

The K-pop 100 basically follows the format of the Hot 100 of the United States’ chart. However, airplay isn’t counted in the formula but rather stays on the sales only. I guess the more appropriate comparison will be the Digital Songs chart. Anyway, with Billboard making this list, I think it’ll be an accurate tally of what the most popular songs are in Korea.

If you weren’t aware, K-pop stars have made some movements on Billboard charts previously. The Wonder Girls succeeded in debuting on the Hot 100 2 years ago with “Nobody”. This year, Big Bang, 2PM, 2NE1, and Super Junior all had their albums chart on the Billboard World Charts.

Right now, SISTAR’s “So Cool” is the inaugural number one song followed by Leessang’s comeback song “Turned off the TV” and 2NE1’s “Ugly”.



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