[Review] U-Kiss – Someday

26 Aug

U-Kiss made a great comeback earlier this year with their album Bran New Kiss which displayed their maturity and a much better direction in their music, especially with their incredible song, “0330“.  This time, they’re back with a new song ahead of their 2nd album.

Someday doesn’t sound like your normal K-pop song. There’s a very western feel to it: it’s a mid-tempo song that prominently features the boys’ vocals. U-Kiss has had some sort of image makeover this year with the addition of new people. However, I LOVE this change. The lyrics are not your typical K-pop lyrics about love. It’s about overcoming obstacle and acceptance and I really love that they went for that. They’re giving us something K-pop groups usually don’t. In addition, we can see the talents they have that were previously hidden behind auto-tuned trash like “Shut Up”.

The song opens with a very stark piano and then the drums set in as the vocals come in. Then, like an epic, it starts building up to a fascinating chorus and then a satisfying ending. This is as classic as pop gets and I’m loving every moment of it.

The vocals here are incredible. What I love the most is the harmonization in the background throughout the song. Just like B2ST’s “Fiction”, which features one of the most memorable use of background vocals, the boys use their voice to beautify the song. There’s a maturity here that was omnipresent in their last album and I’m grateful that they’re sticking with that.

Someday will probably end up one of my favorite songs of the year. It sounds unlike any K-pop songs right now.



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