A Letter to Lee Seung Gi

29 Aug

While on vacation in California, I was watching Best Love/Greatest Love, one of my favorite dramas of the year. There were a lot of great comedic moments in that show and my favorite moment was of course when Lee Seung Gi showed up as a celebrity with a double persona: cute and sweet in public but an asshole in private.

Let’s just say, I was reminded by how much I miss and adore Lee Seung Gi. He is absolutely one of my favorite people in Korean pop music/acting world. In honor of the recent announcement that he is going to come back with a new album after two years away from the music scene, I wrote a letter (NOT A LOVE ONE, JUST A LETTER :x):

Dear Lee Seung Gi,

FINALLY! You are back! I miss you so much!!! I know you’ve been busy with all your CFs and the variety shows you host but I am so glad you are back to making new music. You’ve been away for a while but hopefully you haven’t lost your magic touch. There’s always something about your voice that manages to entice me to listen even if I wouldn’t normally do. You’re natural charm and charisma is in all your music and I feel it when I listen on my ipod.

Did I mention how much I love your song “Will You Marry Me?” It’s absolutely sweet and you look so adorable when you perform it live. How about “Because You’re My Girl”? That is still my favorite song of yours because there’s raw power and emotion in your voice and you did that when you were only 17! I was so impressed.

But not only are you such a great singer, you are also a talented actor. You are one of the reasons I enjoyed Shining Inheritance. You were appropriately smarmy and jerk-y but with some subtle changes as your character progressed. I was impressed given it was your debut performance. I regret to say I haven’t seen your follow up My Girlfriend is A Guminho. I will rectify that mistake soon but I’m sure you will be great in it.

Lastly, thank you for the many laughs you’ve delivered as a host of Strong Heart and 1 Night 2 Days. It’s regretful that the latter will end soon but I hope Strong Heart keeps going. Your presence in it is one I always enjoy and admire. Your awkward dancing is so cute that it only enhances your charisma.

Take care and be strong! I’ll be waiting for your new album with bated breath.




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