My Favorite Scenes From Ep. 7 of Protect The Boss

29 Aug

Though long overdue, I thought it would be fun to write a short recap of my favorite scenes from my favorite episode of one of my favorite dramas EVER (and that would be Episode 7 of Protect the Boss)

*This isn’t going to be a complete recap, so I strongly recommend that you watch the episode in full*


So we start off with Mu Won’s confessing his love to Eun Sol. I have to say, I am continually impressed with how natural JJ’s acting is in this drama. It’s almost eerie how effortlessly he plays the harbored overachiever who has to have Eun Sol teach him how to rebel against authority. I like the contrast between Mu Won’s uneasy and slightly awkward acknowledgement of feelings (“This is more than I thought. I like you more than I thought Noh Eun Sol”), and Ji Heon’s twice-a-day confessions “I like Noh Eun Sol soooooooo much!”)

Even though the cousins are both sheltered man-children, they both approach love in two completely different ways. Eul Sol is about to respond when she suddenly sees this staring at her through the window

which leads me to…


Has anyone else noticed how much of a window stalker Ji Heon is? I love how he is constantly forced to watch EunSol and Mu Won’s interactions from the other side of the glass.

Ji Heon sends Eun Sol back to the office and sits down to have a talk with Mu Won

JH:What did you two talk about?

MW:Why do I have to report to you?

JH:Because…I like Noh Eun Sol also

JH:I’m going to ask you favor for the fiest time in my life

MW:I’m not going to listen so don’t even tell me

JH: Ya!

MW: It’s obvious. You’ll ask me to give up Noh Eun Sol

JH: Okay, you can have it all, I don’t have any interest in the company-to be honest, I’mstarteing to get interested but I don’t need it, you can have it all.

MW: You like her that much?

JH: I like her. I can’t be without her.

MW: It hasn’t been that long since you met her. Before that, you where doing fine

JH: I don’t remember how I lived

JH: Noh Eun Sol is my secretary and not yours. So don’t regret it and just leave her alone. Why? Noh Eun Sol is mine! Not yours!

MW: We’ll see about that..

JH: Are you really going to be like this?

MW: Yeah, I’m going to be like this

MW: Let’s stop this. It’s funny we’re like this when we don’t even know how she feels.[Mu Won gets up and walks away]

JH: Wait.. [gives Mu Won a FLYING KICK!!!]

I actually lol’ed at this. Ji Heon is so immature, but sometimes it’s so awesome.

Then ensues a hilarious fight between the two that includes slapping, hair-pulling, and collar-grabbing


Even though this is a classic drama scene, I love it every time. Noh Eun Sol tries to get Ji Heon to apply his own medication, but he insists that she does it.

His excuse: My wrists are normally weak and they only got worse after punching so you apply it for me. LOL.

While he is busy getting his bruised face fixed, Ji Heon tells a very uninterested Eun Sol the story of how he figured out that he liked her: while he was the only one ignorant of his feelings towards her, everyone else around him knew. Point being, maybe Eun Sol is ignorant of her feelings as well??

Her response: My feelings for who? You? Or Mu Won?

That shuts him up hehe.


The president just told Na Yoon that he thinks that Ji Heon and Mu Won are fighting over her. Both Na Yoon and the boys are fully aware that she is not the one being fought over which leads to veeerry awkward elevator ride.

NY:Why? Now you don’t even want to ride the elevator I’m on?

*Awk Silence*

NY:You two fought because of me?


NY:I KNOW! That it’s not because of me. But why do I have to become your excuse, you bad men?

MU:[to Ji Sung]Did you use her as an excuse?

JS:[to Mu Won] I didn’t, did you?

NY:SHUT UP! I can’t forgive you for using me as an excuse, nor for saying I wasn’t the cause of it

NY: [to Noh Eun Sol]Especially you. I’m not gonna let this lie

JS:Why are you like this to Noh Eun Sol-

MU: why are you like this to the secretary-

NY:Ah! SHUT UP! Shut it, both of you!


Eun Sol has made her decision to tell Mu Won that she cannot replicate her feelings, but whenever she sees him at work, he tests the waters first, and when it looks like she is going to refuse him, he takes off with the excuse of a meeting.

ES: Director, my answer to your question is-

MU: Are you going to refuse me?

ES: Ah, well

MU: What should we do?  I have a meeting now so let’s talk later

*Ji Heon stalking on the sidelines*

ES: Oh, Director!

MU: You don’t like me? (btws, his face when he says this is hilarious)

ES: Well, that is…

MU: Ah! I have an interview to go to.

*Haha Ji Heon…*

Those were my favorite scenes of episode 7, what were yours?



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  1. Mara (@doramachan) September 5, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    i love this drama so much i can’t think of anything else during the week.

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