Top Ten Tuesday Wednesday: Top 10 Freshman Worries

30 Aug

*Hey everyone! So this Top Ten Tuesday post is going to be a Top Ten Wednesday since I fail at figuring out how to schedule a post to be published in advance. My apologies and enjoy!*

1. Roommate

So as of right now, my roommate is yet to show up. She didn’t respond to my friend request or my Facebook message or my email, and I’m a little worried that she hates me already…

2. Procrastination

I made a resolution to not procrastinate in my academics this year. I don’t know how far that resolution is going to take me, but hopefully I won’t be email my professors begging for extensions.

3. Will I Have Friends?

I like to talk. A lot. One time my friends played a joke on me at the dining hall where they all basically stayed silent for 20 minutes, but I didn’t even notice because I was talking so much. But now that I’m at a school of 50,000 students, I’m not sure if I will find people who are used to my lunatic ways like my friends are.

1. Freshman 50…thousand

So at the beginning of the summer, I thought that I had gotten the Freshman 15 down. Throughout high school, I tended to only eat a fruit for breakfast (I was always late for class), some snacks during school (fruit snacks and animal crackers) and then whatever my mom made for dinner (usually rice). However, I went to orientation about a month ago, and during lunch, I suddenly looked down at my tray and saw that there were 5 entrees on it. And a bowl of cereal. And a cup of ice cream. And a salad. It finally dawned on me how grave the Freshman 15 could actually be.

4. Workload

I’m used to a heavy workload. All my classes senior, year were AP’s, I had a job and an internship, and I was also president of two clubs. I almost died. However, I’ve been told that high school is basically child’s play compared to college. Hopefully I won’t be too overwhelmed.

5. Clubs/Activities

I basically made a vow that I won’t join more than two clubs since I was involved in almost every club at my school and my academics paid for it. But my college has a club specifically for KPop fans, and another one for bloggers, and another one for community service. How in the world am I supposed to choose??!

6. Getting Lost

My school has a student population of 50,000. It also has 5 self-contained campuses, all of which I have classes on. I heard that there was a shuttle system, so I figured I would be able to get the hang of commuting between classes rather quickly. I then figured out I was wrong. Said shuttle system actually turned out to be a full scale public transportation system that actually crosses through multiple cities and goes on highways. There are also a billion different buses going to a billion different places and I’m a little bit terrified that one day  I will be on my way to class, look up, and find myself in New York City.

7. Communal Bathrooms

Being the only girl in my family and having four brothers, I thought that I was pretty steely when it comes to bathrooms. Then I saw the communal bathroom in my dorm. I realized I was wrong.

8. Loud Dormitory

I am a person with very little tolerance for stupid things, including stupid homework assignments, stupid situations, and most importantly, stupid people. One of my major worries is that my dorm is going to be one of those loud party dorms where it is nearly impossible to study in peace. I’m the type of person who will joyously break up any too-loud activities going on right outside me door, but I may hold back during college because I want to have friends…

9. Homesickness

Even though I have lived away from home for periods of up to 2 years and never felt homesick, I’m a little scared that I will give in to the temptation of taking two trains home whenever college gets too difficult. I don’t want to be one of those kids who goes home to have their moms do their laundry, but I’m not sure if going to college 1 ½ hours from home will be too much of a temptation to resist.

10. Am I Going To Have Time To…IDK Sleep??

Between my classes, activities, social life, and this amazingly awesome blog, I’m not sure if I will be having any down time at all. Classes and activities haven’t even started yet and I still am finding myself stressed out with all the meetings, orientations, and seminars I have to go to . Hopefully I will get some downtime, but I don’t think sleep was guaranteed during the whole college sign-up process.



6 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday Wednesday: Top 10 Freshman Worries”

  1. berry September 1, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

    reading your worries makes me think either im waaaaay too relaxed or (and i think this is the actual reason) uni in the uk is just too not challenging enough these days…
    i mean i’m slightly worried about that stuff, but i lot of the time we are told that uni has a lighter workload than some alevel courses also most uni’s don’t even count the first year towards our final degree qualification. if our flatmates annoy us just don’t interact with them. we have housekeepers to referee arguments over kitchen duties and after all you will only be living with them sept-may of the first year, after that you can rent with whoever you want.
    my biggest concern is finance – i have to pay for all my stuff, my accommodation, food, books, etc, and you certainly don’t get enough loans to cover accommodation let alone everything else. so my biggest concern of uni is probably getting a job *sigh*

    but also everything you said in varying degrees… and i just realised that maybe i’m more worried than i thought (i think sleep is probably a big concern of mine as well lol)

    so question – when does college start in america? – cos in the uk we don’t start til last week of september, i have over 3 weeks left to sort out stuff

    • dramapop September 1, 2011 at 11:47 pm #

      Hi! Haha that’s so cool that you live in the uk because I was actually born and raised there =))
      Yea, I feel as though alevels are a gajillion times more stressful than the SATs over here (im so glad I got to take the SATs instead). I applied to a few schools in england and they only really considered my AP scores. I’ve found that the difference between schools in america and schools in basically the rest of the world is that other school systems put about 90% of the focus on education and 10% on extracurriculars, while the US does about 70% for academics and 30% for other activities. Both systems are stressful but in different ways.
      And about the finances, I’m totally with you. I just found out that one of my textbooks is about $206 and that’s the price of a used copy!

      Colleges here starts around the end of august and end around may. you guys end further into the summer than we do so that’s probably why you start later =))
      But good luck with college! I’m sure you’ll be fine! =))

      • berry September 2, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

        i really hope my textbooks aren’t that expensive!! (but they will probably will still be extortionate)
        hope you stop feeling so stressed/worried soon. i’m really enjoying your blog – having just discovered it like a week ago 🙂
        thanks for all the hard work

      • dramapop September 3, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

        Yay! We’ll work hard to keep coming up with good stuff 🙂

  2. Alice September 9, 2011 at 11:25 pm #

    Aw, man. Chin up! Fighting! Hope your first year of college is also your best! 🙂

    • dramapop September 10, 2011 at 12:11 am #

      Thank you so much!!!

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