Infinite Wins #1 On M! Net!!!!!

1 Sep

OMG! My ALLTIME favorite boy group Infinite has finally achieved their goal of winning the number one spot on a music program with their new single Be Mine!!!

After debuting a little over a year ago, the boys have constantly shown off their amazing talents through various music programs and variety shows. Their debut song Come Back Again came close to winning, but never quite made it.

There’s a special little place in my heart for Infinite. Unlike a lot the boy groups today, they make it clear that they aren’t really focusing on their  image or looks but mainly on their music and dancing (I find it hilarious that in interviews, they always go on about how they eat out a lot because they never have time to cook due to their practice schedule).

I’m being perfectly honest when I say that Infinite gives some of the best live performances I’ve seen in KPop. Their vocals are amazing and the choreography is always sharp. I think they spend more time practicing that the average idol group since they don’t promote themselves as much. Their music has a 90’s pop vibe which is always fun to listen to. Here’s a live performance of their debut song Come Back Again:

Check out their debut music video which is awesome/adorable

**btws, watch it in HD, it’s awesome**

I am genuinely happy that Infinite has finally won #1 and I’m sure it will not be their last.

Here are a few more of their singles




CAN U SMILE (not a single, but awesome)

It’s amazing that this is a live performance…they’re so good!!


and how pretty is their maknae SungJoong???



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