[Review] Davichi-Love Delight

1 Sep

I am seriously loving all of the KPop comebacks recently (Leessang, U-KISS, G. NA). Though I have been running low on time to review them since starting college (whoo!), I’ll try as hard as I can to recap as quickly as possible!

Lee Hae Ri

Davichi made their comeback early this week and as one of my most respected KPop groups, I looked forward to what they had to offer in their third mini album Love Delight.

Kang Min Kyung

Davichi is known in the KPop world as the vocal powerhouse duo. Made up of Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung, Davichi gained popularity after the release of their singles 8282 and Time, Please Stop.

Their third album, Love Delight has 5 songs and one instrumental

1. Don’t Say Goodbye

2. Love, My Love

3. Don’t Find Me Again

4. Happy End

5. Secret

6. Don’t Say Goodbye (Instrumental)

1.       Don’t Say Goodbye

I can’t say I was particularly impressed with the mid-tempo Don’t Say Goodbye”. Though the melody was sweet and soulful, I felt as though it was lacking in something. Lee Hae Ri’s normally strong and powerful voice sounded a bit strained and I think due to the somewhat sparse instrumentals, the strain was especially prominent. I really liked the subtle harmonies in the second verse, but besides that, the song is not really a keeper for me.

2.       Love, My Love

One of my favorite songs of the album. Love,My Love is such a gorgeous song that really highlights both singers’ vocal technique. The ad-libs in this track are amazing and the instrumental is simple and pretty. It is interesting hearing such skilled singers singing lines you hear in just about every girl group these days (the oh oh oh’s from 1:26-1:42). Picture SNSD singing the same thing and compare the technique. Yep, Davichi wins in this round.

3.       Don’t Find Me Again

I LOVE when Davichi sings upbeat songs! It’s weirdly awesome how they can really rock both the ballads and the fast-tempo songs. Too often you hear a group’s vocals drowned out by the powerful beats of an uptempo song, but with Davichi, they really give the instrumentals a run for their money. Don’t Find Me Again is semi-techno semi-pop song that I can totally see myself rocking out to during this school year.

4.       HAPPY END

Happy End is one of those songs that somehow makes you feel a bit sad although it technically is not a ballad. It’s mid-tempo and in a major key, yet is still kind of sorrowful. I think this is the effect of the I VI IV V sequence (any musicians out there??)

which is basically that sequence you hear in those 50’s songs that all sound vaguely like Heart & Soul. I really like this song, it’s not my favorite song on the album, but the vocals where amazing as usual. Also, the English in this song was flawless.

5.       Secret

A stunning ballad filled with gorgeous melodies and instrumentals. In most of Davichi’s songs, I feel as thougj Lee Hae Ri ­outsings Min Kyung because Hae Ri posseses the more powerful voice. In Secret, Min Kyung really gets the chance to shine. The track makes use of a lot of high notes and is devoid of the usual strength and force seen in most of their music. It’s a refreshing change that I look forward to hearing more of.

Though only a mini-album, I can definitely say I enjoyed every track of Davichi’s latest release. I am used to hearing Davichi perform the same strong ballads and I was glad to see them change things up a little bit.

Rating: 4.8/5



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