College Diary: My First Week At College

4 Sep

Alright! My first week of college is officially over! Though I am a little worse for the wear, I think I am actually adjusting pretty nicely to college life. Despite the fact that I still haven’t found time to watch the new episodes of Protect the Boss, spent most of my savings on textbooks, and have a gazillion pages of scholarly articles to read by Tuesday, I’m enjoying college!

  • I’m thanking God because I somehow managed to get myself THE perfect schedule this semester: no morning classes, no evening classes, and Thursday s completely off. Though I have back to back classes on Mondays and Wendesdays (a 20-minute break between each one), I think I prefer this schedule to my old one where I had an 8:40 classes on a campus that is a 40-minute bus ride away, and another class that ended at 10:35!
  • My roommate (an international student from India) decided to go to a different college so now I get a double room to myself! Though it is a little bit lonely, I’m happy that my hall mates are all really cool and fun people. It also helps that I know so many people from my school and church who go here.

My dorm room!

  • Classes started on Thursday, but since I don’t have Thursday classes, my first class was on Friday. Both classes were large lectures, which was a new experience since I went to a micro-mini high school with classes of 8 or 9 students. The largest class I ever had in high school was choir which was like 34 people.

  • Both of the professors that I have seem pretty cool, except for the fact that they both assigned a buttload of homework on the first day. Add that to the pre-class assignments that my other professors just emailed me, and the summer reading that I never finished, I have a LOT to do this weekend.

One of my readings

  • The school I go to is separated into 5 self-dependent campuses. Each campus has its own dining hall, libraries, dorms, and rec centers, cafes, and such. Though my dorm is literally 20 feet from the dining hall, my friend’s campus just built a spanking-new dining hall which is AWESOME.

The new dining hall

Om nom nom

They have sushi and a cook-to-order Mongolian grill…I now know what the source of my Freshman 15 will be hehe 😉

  • I went to my first football game!! It was sooo much fun since I went to a high school that didn’t have a football team. I didn’t stay the whole time since it would have been madness trying to leave with 10,000 people, but what I did stay for was amazing. I’m not really one for school spirit, but not going to lie, you kind of have to get pumped up if there’s a freaking guy dressed in a full coat of armor riding a white horse up and down the field whenever we score a touchdown. Needless to say, we won 48-0!



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