Super Junior: What Happens Now?

5 Sep

By now you guys should already know about Heechul’s enlistment to the Korean Army as part of his mandatory service. Leeteuk should follow soon since he’s the same age as Heechul if I’m not mistaken.

With two members  going to be inactive for two years, the gradually shrinking mega group Super Junior seems to be at a crossroads in terms of what they’re going to do.

Although SM says that they will continue on with the remaining SuJu members, will fans still gather around them?

Of course they will! Even with the loss of the other members, I feel like they’ll be just as successful. However, with one of the more prominent members leaving, I’m not exactly sure how their dynamic would change. It does give the lesser members an incentive to participate more. One thing that always ticked me about extremely large groups like SuJu or SNSD is the tiny parts their members get to sing. Then again, what made SuJu who they are is the largeness of their group and talent stable that removing even one may feel weird.

With Heechul gone, and Kibum still inactive as well as Siwon’s new drama Poseidon premiering soon, I don’t know when we’ll get the next dose of Super Junior.

As for Heechul, good luck in the army and we’ll miss you dearly! I sincerely hope you still have something to come back to in two years.



3 Responses to “Super Junior: What Happens Now?”

  1. Alice September 7, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    Good point!! The other members will need to step up to the entertainment plate now. I’m looking at you, Wook.

  2. berry September 9, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    i don’t follow super junior very much but with their ages surely they could rotate the group depending who’s enlisted. i’m pretty sure they are trying to stagger the enlistment dates. especially with several the same age. leeteuk is going in in the beginning of next year and kangin will be coming out half way through next year i think. yesung is only a year younger than leeteuk and heechul so he will have to go next year, probably later or early the year after.
    i’m hoping that some members will have a bigger chance to shine with a smaller group. but not sure whether they will last through everyone’s enlistments. hopefully they will.
    btw leeteuk is like 2 weeks older than heechul so i thought he was going to enlist first, but i suppose cos he’s the leader they wanted him to stay longer

    • dramapop September 10, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

      If they are staggering the enlistments then I feel we’ll end up with like 5 or 6 members left of Super Junior. At that point, I don’t think Super Junior will survive as a group… Sadly

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