Top Ten Tuesday: Top iPhone Apps

6 Sep

Being the indecisive technology geek that I am, I am constantly searching for, downloading, and deleting various apps on my iPhone. I compiled this list of my top ten favorite apps to date in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. Dragon Dictation-This app is great for those times when you don’t feel like texting long messages or when you just want to mess around. It is startlingly accurate and is even compatible with a large number of languages. After dictating a passage, you can choose to edit it through the keyboard, text, or email.

2. Skype-Going off to college, this app is definitely a must. Even though I don’t have a front-facing camera, I can still use the Instant Messaging and Voice features.

3. Sushi Go Round-Forget Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, Sushi Go-Round is undoubtedly one the best games for the iPhone. If you couldn’t tell from the name, the game involves rapidly making sushi to over-demanding customers. I enjoyed playing because it installed a secret desire to become a professional sushi chef and the ability to name various types of sushi at restaurants.

4. Kobo-For all you bookworms out there, this free eBook reader is a must. It comes with a myriad of free books that you can download from both your iPod and from your computer. Whatever you download on your computer automatically appears on your iPhone which is very convenient.

5. KBS World Radio-This app streams radio directly from Korea so that you can listen to all your favorite KPop artists. Every hour or so, a different program in one of the 11 different languages comes on. There are two channels you can choose between: Programs and Music: Programs is more of a news/language segment while Music is your typical music channel.

6. Weather-I basically plan my day around the weather forecast. Going on a run, hanging out in the city with my friends, and my mood all depend on the weather. The iPhone automatically comes with a little weather app, but you might want to download a more detailed one.

7. 7 Little Words-This past spring, I had an internship in Philadelphia to which I had to take three trains. Both there and back, all of my time was spent playing 7 Little Words. This game is a variation of a crossword puzzle where you have a set of clues and scrambled word segments to solve. It seems kind of basic, but it’s awesome.

8. Turtle Fly- Imagine that you are flying turtle attempting to reach Mars fueled solely by cola. Yes, this is the basic premise of Turtle Fly. It’s crazy and funny, a perfect time waster.

9. Wells Fargo (or whatever bank you use)-As a college student, I know that I will need to keep an eye on my account balance. Mobile banking makes it easy to view my balance and transfer money between accounts. You won’t need to worry about people seeing your personal information because the app logs you out every time you close it.

10. iTranslate-iTranslate is one of the highest rated translator apps for the iPhone. You can translate between more than 50 languages. With the free edition, you can use the voice application with 18 languages which recognizes speech and also says text. This app is perfect for figuring out the odd word on your Spanish homework or translating KPop lyrics.


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