[Artist Profile] Jung In

10 Sep

Jung In is one of those hidden jewels of KPop. Her voice is extremely distinctive, one that I haven’t heard in either the American or Korean music scene. The majority of her songs her of the Indie genre, but occasionally, she sings a ballad or pop song. Though decidedly unique, I’ve found that Jung In’s voice is remarkably versatile.

Keeping the same undertone, she can sing Soul, Pop, and Ballad. Whether belting out a melody, or softly singing a verse, Jung In is one of those artists who easily expressions her emotions through song. I love listening to her music because it can be calm, powerful, or soothing all at the same time.

She released her new album “Melody Remedy” earlier this year, and the main track “Monsoon/Rainy Season” was the most highly requested song on the radio for weeks afterward.

My favorite songs of hers are: “Thanks”, “While Living”, “Monsoon”, “Because”, and “I Hate You” check some of them out here:

I Hate You (btws, there’s a really long intro)

Monsoon/Rainy Season

She seems to have a strong relationship with the duo Leessang as she features in a number of their songs. The most popular of which is “The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave”. She also lends her voice to the songs “Leessang Blues” and “Grand Finale”

I also think it’s especially adorable that she titled one of her tracks “Thanks ft. Boyfriend”. She had her fans wondering who her boyfriend was since it was a solo track until she revealed that her guitarist boyfriend was the one who played the guitar in the song.

Though I get the feeling that Jung In is someone who prefers to stay out of the limelight (she doesn’t perform on shows such as Music Core or Inkigayo), she is definitely an artist to look out for.

Monsoon:Live Version

BTWS, it’s actually really difficult to find info about Jung In on the internet, you might have better luck searching “정인”

Check out Jung In’s official website here

and her iTunes here



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