College Diary #2: The Stormy Week

10 Sep

This is Clarence with my second edition of College Diary where Temi and I talk about our experiences on a weekly basis here in college!

This was such a rainy week. It was unusually rainy with 5 days of rain falling on the city and making every sidewalk and road muddy.

Barely three weeks here at school and I’m already experiencing some of the issues I was afraid of going through. Let me summarize what I’m talking about here:

One, the whole week I slept after 1 AM from all the reviews, studying, and working I’ve done.

Two, My Microeconomics Teacher DOES NOT TEACH

Three, relationship issues ALREADY with people around me.

Four, My job

Five, Homesickness

Six, Frat Parties


Let me admit one thing: as good as my grades were in High School, I have to say that I rarely stayed up past 12 on weekdays studying, doing projects, or working on an essay. Maybe once a week or maybe once every 2 weeks. I never had to study for 5 days straight.

It’s not that I have TO study; mostly the tests that I’ve had this week were simple and easy. However, it’s a necessity to study and read the textbooks mostly because I meet my teachers like twice a week and quite frankly that’s not enough time to cover every material we’re suppose to. Thus, much of the work falls on the students to cover for the shortcomings of attending class. This includes, for me, reading and learning new vocabulary for Japanese (apart from memorizing the ones I know already), reading chapters and practicing math problems for my Calculus class, reading, and listening to albums, reading scripts, researching people for my American Musical Literature class.

Wednesday night, I fell asleep at around 2AM and then I woke up at 8:00 to go to Japanese class. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get up until 8:35 and my class starts at 8:55 so I skipped breakfast and went straight to class. That class ended at 10:10 and then I had to go straight to work. Again, I couldn’t eat except for a cup of coffee. Work finished at 5:00 PM. Then I went straight to my room and started studying with just one piece of cookie.

At 9PM, we had a meeting with the rest of the floor and I have to say, I almost passed out. The cacophony of all the voices in the room started blending together and my vision started getting blurry and my whole body started to fall apart. I ended up having to sit down the rest of the meeting. I finally had a small meal after the meeting.

That’s one extreme of having so much work to do that eating becomes less and less a priority. It’s a mistake I’m rectifying from now on.

Which leads me to my second issue


I understand that professors are paid mostly for their research and their books but I was expecting that my Macroeconomics teacher would at least teach her own material. Given her credentials, it shouldn’t be hard for her. Unfortunately, her lessons involve glossing over the textbook (WORD FOR WORD) and then involving some funny clip that is suppose to relate the topic to real-life circumstances. As a result, I end up outlining my textbook, chapter after chapter (which I’m quite used to considering I’ve done it all four years in college) just to learn. Not that I mind doing that. However, I’m sure I could have done that without having to pay for her class.

RELATIONSHIT — The Burden of College Relationships

This is going to be the most personal part of my weekly diary. Hey it is a diary after all and I’m supposed to involve some of the more personal things I want. There are two kinds of relationships involved in college: Friends and Boy/Girlfriends.

I’ve met some great people on campus who share the same interests as I do. Both my roommates are awesome but there are just moments where I wish I was living in a single dorm. I’m not complaining about their living habits because both of them are great roommates in that respect. However, sometimes, their personal quirks just get to me. Speaking as someone who’s lived with himself for a while in New York, it’s hard to get the kind of privacy I’m used to. I can’t watch my Korean dramas or blast my music loudly because neither one of my roommates appreciate them. Instead, I’m forced to watch Britney Spears documentary three times in a row or listen to someone arguing on the phone with his girlfriend. Other times, their personality quirks grate on me and so do most of the people I met. I love both of them and wouldn’t trade them for another roommate but I need a break of them too. I’ve had those times too in High School but at least I can get away from them for a whole day or two to make me miss spending time with them. Here, I’m forced to share a room with them so I’m not given enough time to make me miss them.

The other kind of relationship is the more personal and intimate one. Let me be Person A and the other one Person B. Person A and Person B started flirting on Saturday then by Sunday they had lunch. A week has passed and both constantly text each other and have even made lunch plans and such. On Sunday the week after they met, Person A and B were suppose to go out and get a snack together. But Person B backed out citing studying and essays. Person A said okay but later asks to eat together. Although Person A was kind of pushy, Person B never responded and instead updated FB status as “in a relationship” with another person. Thus, the sudden disappearance of any texts. Now Person A was okay with this until one time when Person A and Person B meet by chance at the dining hall and Person B COMPLETELY ignored Person A even though they were standing next to each other on the line. Not only did Person B not talk to Person A, Person B actually tried to look at the thing NEXT TO Person A as if Person A didn’t exist. This completely pissed Person A to the point that he’s driven to write about it in his diary.

Here’s the vital lesson learned from this experience: College relationships are not real. Everyone either is out for a booty call or merely trying to be in a relationship not because of love or feelings but because they just want one. It’s a sad fact that unless proven otherwise, I’ll stand by and base all of my behaviors on.


I’m grateful that I have a job in this day and age but sometimes I wish I had a more meaningful job. I understand that my job was going to be mundane when I signed up for it. But oh my gosh I didn’t think it will be THAT boring. Nothing really happens at work except for one call out of my 6 or 5 hour shifts and everything I do involves restocking supplies and that’s about it. I’m used to that kind of job since I’ve had prior experience. However, the difference is there is less social interaction, which, if you played The Sims, is required for human survival.


I really really really miss New York…Badly. Washington DC is gorgeous and nice but it’s nothing compared to New York City. Here are some things I dislike about DC:

1. The metro is complicated. Their trains have schedules and fees that are different for each time of the day. So if it’s like rush-hour, the fee will be higher than normal times. Also, they charge you by distance so the further you go from your starting point, the more expensive the ticket will be. I like New York City’s transit payments better even if DC’s train are better looking and cleaner.

2. The lack of any Korean restaurants/ noraebangs. Everything worth checking out that involves Korean restaurants or noraebangs involve me having to go out of the city into Virginia or Maryland. There aren’t any accessible salons that I’d rather go to either.

But really, New York City has energy that is unlike anything in the country. I miss my friends so much there especially because I’m not familiar with the places around town here.


Let’s face it: college is all about parties (sarcasm). No but on a serious note frat parties can either be awesome or disastrous. The first thing you need to know about them is that you need a ride to get there. Thus, the endless amount of students crowding the sidewalk to get a ride. Of course, these frat guys have a preferred girl:guy ratio of 1:3 and that’s how they usually go.

Second, they’re filthy…Now parties are usually filthy but I’ve never experienced such filth until I attended one of them. Seriously, the smell of sex, beer, and weed filters every part of the house and sometimes it’s just necessary to get out of the place to breathe air.

Third, the infamous walk of shame. Frat parties are not allowed at my school therefore frat houses are set up in the suburbs of our school. Thus parties often require 20-30 minutes of walking the dark streets (if you’re ever lost just follow the trail of drunk kids in front of you). These walks almost always involve some sidewalk tripping, fence climbing, bush-peeing on the drunkards’ accounts.

Nevertheless, frat parties are awesome. When you are in the mood for some dirty fun they’re always there to fill in that gap. Plus, there’s booze. Enough said.

Thus ends my weekly diary account. Next week will be Temi’s turn again so stay tuned for that!





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