A Look into My iPod: Ballads

12 Sep

Hey guys! So  I have playlists on my iPod for legitimately EVERY situation possible. Instead of naming them with words, I prefer doing this:

=D    Feel Good

=b   Ballad

=R   Running

=N   Nigerian

=C   Christian

=(    Sad

😡   Intense

=I     Indie


Anways, I thought it would be cool to show you what some of my playlists consist of, so here I go!

I LOVE ballads. Like LOVE. ❤ It’s to the extent where about 1/5 of the music I own are ballads. Since I have zero singing talent whatsoever, I really appreciate those who possess amazing voices. My top ballad songs on my iPod are:

*btws, this is the actual MV, not just some fanmade thing*

Baby You ft. Navi-4Men

Just for the record, most of the songs on this list are going to be by 4Men. They are an amazingly talented group, and when paired with vocal powerhouse Navi, magic happens.

Can I Love Again ft. Davichi-4Men

Another powerful ballad from 4Men but this time with Davichi. While 4Men take a back burner on this song, they harmonies are gorgeous. Also, if you want to check out a 4Men song that is a little bit lighter, listen to “Baby Baby” which was even covered by G-Dragon of Big Bang.

Farewell Is Coming-8Eight

This is the first song that I heard from 8Eight, and ultimately the song that made me their fan. Lee Hyun and Joo Hee are two of the most amazing vocalists I have heard in KPop. They both have these husky voices that stand out among other Kpop singers and both work well off of each other.

I Confess ft. Ben (Bebe Mignon)-4Men

4Men again. But this time with the lovely Ben from the severly underrated group BeBe Mignon. 4Men and BeBe Mignon are from the same company so I can see talent clearly. This song literally gives me goosebumps, it’s so good. If you have time, you should check out the lyrics because they are gorgeous.

I Hate You-Jung In

If you have read my post here, you will probably know that I am a big Jung In supporter. This is my abosolute favorite track by her. Her vocals are so powerful but not in the way that I am used to hearing.

I’ve Only Done Good Things For You-BeBe Mignon

Bebe Mignon consists of three great vocalists. Their debut track, “I’ve Only Done Good Things for You” is beautiful and kind of heartbreaking. I love how none of the singers have that super-strong voice that is normally associated with, yet they sing the hell out of the song. If you liked this song, check out another song by them titled “I’m Short and Not Pretty”.

It Hurts-Boni

We wrote an artist profile of Boni here, but once again, here is the comeback track of the rookie singer. I  love her voice which her distinct r&b style.

Like Being Hit By a Bullet-Baek Ji Young

Baek Ji Young is the queen of OST’s and there is a reason for it. Her voice is powerful, yet not over the top. She has great technique and really brings the emotions out of the song.

Listen ft. K.Will-Lim Jeong Hee

I love how gorgeous this song is. K. Will is a freaking amazing singer, so coupled with the awesome Lim Jeong Hee, AMAZINGNESS TO THE MAX.

Love You-Lee Jung

I had never even heard of Lee Jung until he recently released his comeback album Let’s Dance. He is awesome and I don’t think I have ever heard a voice like his in KPop. Lee Jung is kind of like who Tae Yang from Big Bang would sound like if he was awesomer. Lee Jung has great technique and is not the type of singer who is afraid of unconvential ad-libs that are more emotional that they are pretty.


So I’m not even sure who the Loveholics are, but from what the internet, I think it is a group of singers who collaborated to produce the absolutely fantastic album In The Air. Pain is an emotional rollercoaster of a song with awesome instrumentals to boot.


Alright, so I admit, Kahi from After School is not the greatest vocalist, but this song is SO PRETTY. Like its gorgeous. Props to the composer/producer.

Reason-Shin Young Jay(4Men)

This song was on the soundtrack of Secret Garden so will probably be pretty familiar with all you KDrama fans out there. As part of 4Men, Shin Young Jay is a great vocalist, and it was great hearing him singing solo.

It’s Not Working-4Men

This song only reinforced my love for 4Men. The lyrics are so simple, that even I could translate it with my limited knowledge of Korean; however, they are poingent to the point where you don’t even need a translation to feel the emotions of the song. The guys really killed it with this song. I LOVE YOU 4MEN!!

30 Minutes Ago-Lee Hyun (8Eight)

There is another version of this song which is a duet between Lee Hyun and Lim Jeong Hee. I love how in the chorus, we get to hear Lee Hyun change registers in the blink of an eye. He is one of those singers who sounds like he can only sing in the lower register, but is AMAZING in the higher one as well.

Welp, those are my favorite ballads to date, what are yours?



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