Tuesday Top Ten: College School Supplies!

13 Sep

Welcome to Tuesday Top Ten! This is our weekly segment where we create a top-ten list of things that range from top movies to top stars to even top favorite foods! Everything and anything!

Both Temi and I have had siblings that have gone to college and has experienced the joys (or annoyance?) of buying school supplies. Since we weren’t completely aware of all the things we’d need, we kinda figured them out on our own.

Confession time: my favorite “holiday” of the year aside from Christmas and my birthday is school shopping day. Although it’s not a national holiday, school shopping is one of the best days of my life each year. It’s kind of sad but true. I love shopping for school supplies. Something about getting new notebooks, pens, pencils, calculator, maybe a book bag, highlighters, etc. excites me. Even though it’s like three weeks in already, I’d like to share a list of things one may need in college (I’m still a freshman so this is guesswork from what I’ve seen in the past with my sisters and a my first weeks here.)

10. I-pod or MP3 player

I know, I know. This isn’t technically a school supply. But it becomes a necessity when you’re in school. The older I got and the busier I got in school with homework and other school-related projects, the more dependent I’ve become to my i-pod. In college, it becomes even more important especially when you’re away from home. While you’ll most likely be dorming with a roommate, it becomes essential to tune out the noise from the environment with music. TV and movies are really not the type of entertainment you should have when you’re studying. It requires your eyes to divert its attention to the screen instead of notes and the textbook. You see, music is the safest way to study without boring yourself to death.

9. A Big Comforter

My dorm is freezing! DC is such a humid place that if you turn it off, it’ll get really humid inside the room. Thus, it’s almost a necessity to keep it on. But chances are, you’re not used to the freezing cold. Everyone is actually getting sick here because of the vast differences in the temperature inside the dorm and outside the building. Comforter/ SNUGGIE is the best way to walk around without having to freeze to death.

8. Vacuum Cleaner

Trust me, vacuum cleaners are so helpful when you’re living with someone. If you eat inside the dorm, chances are you’ll have crumbs falling everywhere. Unless you like ants in your dorm, I’d bring a vacuum cleaner. Plus, everyone in your floor is guaranteed to be impressed with you.

7. Rice Cooker

You don’t have to be Asian to need a rice cooker. Rice cookers are multi-taskers: they can boil vegetables or cook noodles too. Plus, your floor mates will totally be in awe of you because they’d complain about how bad rice is at the dining hall (unless of course the rice is good).

6. Laptop

Everyone literally has a laptop here and of course they would. Laptops have become one of the most important tools at surviving college. Don’t get huge personal computers. Colleges are going to be wireless most of the time so laptops will be more accessible even when you’re simply walking around campus.

5. Desk Lamp

Now I’m really lucky that my table comes with a lamp but my roomates’ do not. Desk lamps are necessary because you don’t want to be a bother to your roommates if you’re staying up late doing homework.

4. Graphing calculator

Colleges most of the time require math courses and trust me, graphing calculators are going to be your best friend. They’re so effective at answering questions and making your life much easier. Even if it’s one semester, I think calculators are worth it.

3. Stapler

Personal staplers are necessary because professors do not understand the concept of keeping things together. They just have to give out things and never put them together. Plus, if you’re writing essays, you kinda need to hand them in to the teacher in one piece.

2. Sticky notes

Sticky notes are so good at communicating and they’re incredible at keeping you organized. Want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone? Hey write each letter in each post it on their door! It’s great for studying and for talking to people.

1. Highlighters

If you can buy just one thing apart from pens and paper, get a highlighter. Teachers in college DO NOT TEACH AT ALL. Okay that’s an exaggeration but most of them do not. College is really like teaching yourself and requires lots of reading.


2 Responses to “Tuesday Top Ten: College School Supplies!”

  1. j lee September 16, 2011 at 5:51 pm #

    Don’t forget ethernet cords and water pitchers with filters…u never know when you’ll get thirsty! 😀

    • dramapop September 17, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

      Hahaha totally forgot but yeah! 🙂

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