WTF of the Week: Ludacris Signs a Deal with YG

14 Sep

This week’s WTF of the Week is brought to us by the recent news that American rapper and semi-actor Ludacris has signed a deal with YG Entertainment to collaborate on songs together. Now, I don’t know to what extent this partnership between the two will be but if Ludacris signed a deal with any K-Pop Entertainment group, I wasn’t surprised that it was YG.

However, I do have worries about this new partnership.

Whenever western acts try to collaborate with K-pop stars, I feel that the equation doesn’t always sound right. Not that I’m trying to jinx this new partnership but I feel that the precedents are overwhelmingly negative that I just can’t help but fear for the reputation of whoever in YG will work with the rapper.

Remember the remix to GDragon’s Heartbreaker? While that partnership had to be made simply to avoid huge consequences of G-Dragon’s scandal, I still feel Flo Rida totally ruined the song for me. It just wasn’t a great combination.

And I know you guys are probably trying to forget JYJ’s Ayy Girl but it must be said. Kanye West ruined that tune because he tried to bring “KANYE WEST” into the tune instead of trying to blend his style with JYJ. It just doesn’t work.

But then again this can be great too. I just want to be optimistic but it’s just hard. What do you guys think?



One Response to “WTF of the Week: Ludacris Signs a Deal with YG”

  1. girlie September 17, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    i think it’s a bad idea..i mean what’s with these rappers joining kpop??

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