[Review] Huh Gak-Hello MV

16 Sep

So up until now, singer Huh Gak has never really caught my attention. I just knew that he was some winner of some singer reality show, but I never took the time to listen to any of his music. With the release of both his new album (First Story) and new MV(Hello ft. B2ST’s Junhyung, actor Lee Hyun Jin, and actress Kang Sora), I am definitely impressed with both Huh Gak’s vocal talent and the poignant music video/drama.

The song itself, Hello, is a beautiful ballad. Huh Gak has a voice that is semi-husky, semi-pretty, and it’s really interesting to hear his vocal technique.

The music video is really what got me. The storyline, cinematography, and acting were all wonderful.

The video starts with a guy speeding on a motorcycle while blood drips down his face. Ok, off to a positive start. We next cut to a rooftop where two friends (Junhyung and Hyun Jin) are watching a bunch of scary-looking gangsters down below.

We don’t really get to think much of the gangsters since in the next shot, Hyun Jin spots a girl (Sora) about to commit suicide by jumping off of the building. The stop her from committing the act, and she begins to tag along with them. Hyun Jin falls for her as Junghyun continually feels more and more left out.

We cut to a scene where Junghyun is in hiding from the group of gangsters while making calls to Hyun Jin. Hyun Jin is otherwise occupied spending some quality time with Sora and doesn’t even hear his phone ring. We get a bit of backstory showing the thugs overturning tables at outdoors retaurant that appears to be owned by the father of Hyun Jin.

When Hyun Jin doesn’t answer, Junhyung goes out and approaches the group, initiating the fight with a metal pipe. He immediately goes down as it’s 4 to 1

(I seriously got tears in my eyes during this scene, because the contrast between the sweetness of the adorable couple, and the harshness of Junhyung’s beating is so strong. I literally had to pause the movie and get a hold of myself.)

Afterwards, there are short shots of Sora crying, Hyun Jin on his motorcycle, and finally Hyun Jin showing up to save his friend. And then…



I am asuming that something goes seriously awry judging from the beginning scene of the bleeding motorcyclist and also the shots of Sora crying . I  guess we’ll have to wait until next time to see what will happen next!

*BTWS, I love this guy*



One Response to “[Review] Huh Gak-Hello MV”

  1. Tegar Arie December 20, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    hmmm at the ending
    hyun jin is not saving his friend
    but he get revenge the gangsters

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