College Diary #3- What College Has Taught Me In Three Weeks

18 Sep

So I was just sitting at my desk, writing my 7-10 page paper that is due on Tuesday, and I hear an ambulance pull up right outside my window. I peek outside and see people rushing inside my dorm, so naturally, I open my door to see what all the confusion is about. I am still unsure what exactly is going on (I heard somebody OD’d), but there are people sobbing hysterically, laughing hysterically, and some chick knocked out on the common room floor. The first thing college has taught me:

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

College is not your home. I found that out firsthand. Within three weeks, college has taught me to deal with naked people running up and down the halls, drunk/high people running up and down the halls, random guys running up and down the halls (I’m in a girls dorm), and much much more. My dorm room is freezing, I am constantly being woken by drunk people yelling at 3 AM, and I have to share a communal bathroom with a gazillion other girls (and the occasional guy). Of course these are all things that I was not used to, but had to adapt to. There is seriously nothing I can do about these conditions except transfer to a different school, so I invested in a pair of studio headphones, wrapped myself in a fuzzy blanket, and sucked it up.


Don’t Procrastinate if You Can’t Handle It

Some people can handle writing 19389-page papers the day before it is due. Others cannot. College taught me to figure out which type of person I was, and I realized I was of the variety who can NOT. Regardless of the number of classes I have each day, or the crazy activities schedules, I realized that I get a lot more accomplished when I work on essays or problems sets a little bit at a time. For example, I have this paper due for International Relations due on Tuesday, but I have been working on it since last Friday. Everyone works off of a different schedule, and it’s important to figure yours out.



I use socks as oven mitts, the backs of spoons as knives/stirrers,water bottles as juice containers and my laptop as a hot water bottle. The fact is, college isn’t going to have all the luxuries of your home. Instead of whining about how I wished I could run back home to pick up somethings (like I did for the first couple days) I found out that improvising is a much more efficient and effective way of going about things.


Buy Them Used

There is literally NO need to buy your textbooks brandy-new, unless, of course, your school has those annoying customized textbooks that were released this year. I am taking five courses and I bought all of my books for under $200. Although much of the credit goes towards the fact that I am not a Science or Math major, I can truthfully say I spent at least 5 hours total searching the internet for my books. I found an effective method is to type in the ISBN number into Google and browse through the options.  Amazon and aren’t always your cheapest options. For example, I found this one site that had my math book (that was $206 used on Amazon) for $82 free shipping…FROM MALAYSIA. It was random and weird, but hey, I saved a LOT of money.

Just Say No

As cliche as it sounds, saying “no” is not always a loser thing to do. I was scared that in college, people would think I’m a baby for not wanting to try certain things, but in these first couple weeks, I found that people actually respect your decisions. Sometimes when I want to go out with friends, but have a buttload of work to do, I have to pass on the opportunity and even thought it kind of sucks, it’s still ok to say no.


Bring Tupperware

I realized within a few days, that I can pack food from the dining hall in Tupperware. It was like I had discovered gold. Now my entire floor brings Tupperware into the dining hall to bring back samosas, sushi, or whatever novelty is being served. Personally, I started doing it because on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have a full schedule that doesn’t allow for me to eat lunch or dinner. What I do on those days is during breakfast, I make a turkey sandwchih and pack it in my Tupperware to eat while walking in between classes.

Eat Well

The other day I was in the dining hall when I suddenly looked down at my tray, and say that I had: sausage pizza, spinach salad, mint chocolate chip ice cream, chicken parmesan, dried fruit, a cappuccino, three samosas, rice, and some sort of stir fry. Yep. It was bad. I only really eat one meal a day, and I realized that I was basically loading up on all the food I could possibly eat, which is NEVER a good idea. Instead of going for all the delicious looking food, I am now trying to eat a balanced meal. Because if I kept on going at that rate, I would be a prime example of Freshman 193248242424




2 Responses to “College Diary #3- What College Has Taught Me In Three Weeks”

  1. berry September 20, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    tupperware is now on my ‘to take’ list. i am in the midst of piles of clothes and stuff trying to decide what to take, split into what i need to take, what i want to take and miscellaneous…
    i never knew i had so much stuff or that i needed so much urghhhh
    i feel bit lost plus i have promised to go to the pub/go out with various friends before we all leave, plus got to visit the bank, sort out phone etc. so much to do and so little time.

    • dramapop September 21, 2011 at 2:58 am #

      Yes, tupperware is the number one recommended item from me! It’s so helpful because some days, I have classes for 6 hours straight so I don’t have time to even go grab lunch=)
      Wow, I hope you get everything done before you leave! I did all of my packing the day before I left (worst decision EVER). If you are going to school close to home, don’t feel obligated to take ALL of your clothes because when the weather changes, you can just go home to switch wardrobes.
      But good luck at uni, I’m sure you’ll be great!


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