Tuesday Top 10:K-pop Songs During the Rain

20 Sep

In honor of the rainy days that the east coast has been getting a lot lately, I’d like to present you my ten favorite K-pop songs to listen to when it’s pouring outside.

Here’s a brief chat about these songs.

Rainy days are very relaxing for me. I grew up in the Philippines and when it rains, it really RAINS. Typhoons are common there that I’ve grown to love the rain. So it’s no surprise that rainy days are some of my favorite types of weather.

Rainy days also have “soundtracks” that goes with the mood of the weather. It seems like artists love making songs that fit our mood when it rains. While not all of these songs will necessarily have rain as an ongoing motif of some sorts, we still get the relaxing and “chill” vibe from them. So here’s the list for my favorite songs to listen to during a rainy day.

10. B1A4 – Chu Chu Chu

This song was released barely a week ago and yet it’s on endless repeat on my IPod especially because I’m in the mood for the song most of the time. Restrained vocals and a mellow instrumental makes this a great rainy day song. The rain has a wonderful ability of making me feel all at peace and comfortable. Similarly, this song does that to me.

9. Leessang – Turned Off The TV

Rain has a very melancholic feeling although it’s not always the love-sick pain that is sometimes attached to it. Rain, for me, gives off a nostalgic vibe and this song feels like a song you listen to when you want to reminisce. It’s a mellow track again but it makes me feel nostalgic rather than peaceful. Sometimes, I like that.

8. Boni – It Hurts

What kind of a rainy day playlist would not have a heartfelt ballad in it? An imperfect one. Rainy days are perfect for people who are just lovesick or tired of it. Boni’s powerful emotional voice resonates so well in this song and helps the rainy day mood by bringing some much needed angst to the fray.

7. IU – Someday

IU has a charming voice that when she restrains from vocal acrobatics, we get lots of peaceful and very relaxing music. After you’re done singing your heart out to Boni, you should try this song. It’s less sad yet still evocative of emotions.

6. Han Young Saeng – Rainy Heart

Apart from the “rainy day” motif of the song, Han Young Saeng’s voice is so silky and smooth even as it hits falsettos. I love falsettos in the rain. It’s just the perfect guy voice to listen to while reading a book or drinking tea.

5. SHINee – In My Room

SHINee fascinates me because while I love them more for their more upbeat tracks, they always kill ballads and slower songs too. Onew, my favorite from the group, has such a powerful voice that is so distinct that all I can hear is him in this song most of the time. The other guys are fine of course but not as beautiful sounding as Onew. Plus, the very slow R&Bish beat is so fit for relaxing on a rainy day.

4. 10 cm – Hug Me

If you listen to Filipino Music or OPM, most of the best musicians, in my opinion, produce songs similar to 10cm. They all rock acoustic guitars or pianos instead of piling on every synthetic beat there is on earth. “Hug Me” is so light but not fluffy, which is exactly what you need on a rainy day.

3. Mi – 자기야사랑햬

Another song that has OPM-undertones is this great song from Mi. Like 10cm’s song, it’s light but not fluffy. Mi has such a gorgeous friendly voice that the song is so approachable and no one can really dislike it. It’s charming and effervescent even. Again, it’s the kind of music you listen to on a rainy day.

2. 2NE1 – Lonely

Lonely is still 2NE1’s best song, in my opinion, and  that’s because it’s unique from all the tracks they’ve made. It’s slower, simply built on a guitar chord, and the girls are just allowed to sing. And boy do they sing here. All girls are emotionally charged while singing and it’s quite evocative of what rain usually evokes in people: loneliness, melancholy, etc.

1. B2ST – On Rainy Days

Still, if there’s a perfect song for rainy day it’s this aptly titled song from B2ST’s impressive album. Again, it’s built on a simple guitar chord like Lonely, the boys and the rapper even emotes while remaining low-key with their singing and overall, it’s the best song to represent a rainy day. Beautiful, disarming, yet approachable.










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