College Diary #4: Learning to Study Properly

25 Sep

Last week, it was all about fun and parties, like Temi said, her floormates were up to (even if that ended up sending them to the hospital). This week, there was barely room for fun for me.

I’ve literally been living at the library most of the time nowadays. There, I get to work on homework or work on my Korean and Japanese. The library is a great place to be at. In college, you really need space from the people around you or else they might upset you to the point you want to punch them. To avoid that, I just pack my stuff, head to the library, and bask in the silence with nothing but my headphones and ipod to keep me entertained.


On the plus side, I’ve done all my homework for the week save for an essay and some reading. That’s an accomplishment for me because I’m used to procrastinating until 8pm the night before it’s due. Instead of that, I was able to write my whole essay by Monday, edit it on Tuesday, and hand it over Wednesday. I was really proud of myself.

Compared to other people in my floormates who complain about having so much to do at night, especially my roommates, who are the embodiment of procrastination, I’m pretty much free to sleep earlier than midnight. I’m basically defying college stereotype that kids sleep past 12 all the time whether drunk or studying! 🙂

It’s all about scheduling for me. I don’t like being idle so when I do watch TV, I have to be studying Japanese or Korean during that time. I think I’m a great multi-tasker because I’m so used to doing homework while watching TV or eating that I get things done faster. I’ve made myself a Drama schedule to keep me watching at least one episode a day.

Elsewhere in college, I’m starting to get really into Economics, which is shocking considering my teacher isn’t interesting. It’s weird that I’ve started reading the newspaper for the business section instead of arts or whatever is on the front page.

I’ve also joined the Korean Student Association. It feels awkward to be in there considering the majority of them were Korean. But I did love the snacks they had! Rice balls are yummy! 🙂


2 Responses to “College Diary #4: Learning to Study Properly”

  1. Alice September 26, 2011 at 3:59 am #

    That’s so great! The essay thing is a lil bit inspiring for a fellow college girl to hear. Haha

    • dramapop September 26, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

      Hehe yeah! I shocked myself with that! But hey I guess taking time off from people is really necessary if you want work done 😡

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