[Review] Super Junior – “A-Cha”

26 Sep

With the two of Super Junior’s members on hiatus, it’s a bit surprising that the super group would release a new single right after their promotions for Mr. Simple ended earlier this month. This new song off their repackaged album will keep Super Junior in the spotlight as they perform on music shows. Along with Siwon’s active role in the drama Poseidon, Super Junior is bound to have a very fruitful fall season even with two of its members gone.

“A-Cha” is a very cool track, in keeping with the musical themes of Mr. Simple. Unlike the title track however, “A-Cha” is far more coherent if not as catchy. It’s a weird thing trying to describe this track because it’s something I can’t compare to Super Junior’s biggest hits. It’s beat roars with synths and the boys’ vocals aren’t hidden behind auto-tune or digitalization for the most part. Yeah, that may sound like a typical Super Junior track but not really. It didn’t induce the same “OMG THIS IS AMAZING” reaction from me the same way “Sorry Sorry,” “Bonamana,” or even “Mr. Simple” have done before it. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad track, if anything, it’s much more pleasing to the ears than the three-songs-mashed-in-one Mr. Simple. However, I still think the latter is better than this song if only because it’s more addicting and memorable.

A-Cha lacks the ability to remain memorable like the hallmark Super Junior songs before it. Yes, I’ve already passed this judgment even before I let time settle, but I don’t feel the same awe I did with its predecessors. It’s a good song but just not remarkable.

Even the music video looks like a Mr. Simple rehash with all the random zoom-ins and the shaky camera. Even the lighting is similar. It’s a far sexier video though that offers a much more polished-looking Super Junior (Heechul and Shindong looking good, especially). I guess it’s a much more refined version of the Mr. Simple video.

Still, I don’t think this will be one of the songs that fans will be talking about when trying to describe Super Junior’s music nor will this video be the one they show to their friends when introducing Super Junior. For me, the songs are still “Sorry, Sorry”, “Bonamana”, and now “Mr. Simple.”



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