Top Ten Tuesdays: 10 Reasons I Love Protect the Boss

27 Sep

This week is such a bittersweet week for me because my absolute favorite drama of the year thus far will come to an end this Thursday. Ahead of a formal review on Thursday as well as a Thespian Review of one of my favorite male performances of the year (Ji Sung, in the running for my #1 actor this year) on Friday, let’s take a look at the top ten reasons I LOVE Protect the Boss.

10. The music

The musical score of Protect the Boss wrings out every bit of laughter from a scene. It’s so delightfully kookie and I love that it fits the mood so perfectly. The mix of action and comedy in every beat resonates so well with the comedy of the show and it’s not flashy either and it doesn’t take over a scene. I especially love the spy-bits in there too.

9. The lack of absurd evil character/parents

How refreshing it is that as meddlesome as some parents are in this drama, there isn’t a completely evil character. All the parents are acting not for self-interest but rather for what they believe is the best of their children. Excepting Na Yoon’s mom, who admittedly started to get annoying, the parents are all wonderfully shaded beings with the goal of promoting their kids’ futures.

8. The lead girl character literally KICKS ASS

To it’s credit, I’d like to thank Protect the Boss for showing us that women aren’t weaklings by making the female lead physically and mentally stronger than the male lead. No Eun Sol isn’t as terribly complex as Ji Heon but I believe she’s cried less times than any heroine in another drama. She’s like Kim Sam Soon in that she’s wise, hard-working, and she takes life as it comes. Plus, she can beat the shit out of any guy (hello opening scene!).

7. The hilarious banter between the chaebol parents

Fighting parents are very common in Korean dramas. This one is no different because it has fighting parents too. However, PTB stands out for making those chaebol parents’ fights comedic. I love every insult that flies from Chairman Cha to Sook Hee and vice versa. I especially love the awkward times they have to pretend to get along, especially on the dinner table. So catty and childish.

6. The cutesy bromance that developed between Ji Heon and Moo Won

It’s funny but I think both Ji Heon and Moo Won are so childish. You’d think that a drama would make their combating leads characteristics so different and for a while it looked like that. But as the series continued, Moo Won started acting more childish and Ji Heon developed a more mature side. It’s incredibly fit then that these two just keep fighting amicably. Everything is a contest to them, whether it be the last person to hit the other, or a simple race down the steps. I also like that they have such great chemistry that even though they’re rivals, they’re seem like brothers.

5. Na Yoon and Myung Ran

Na Yoon and Myung Ran is a combination unlike any other romantic relationship in this drama. Na Yoon has come to depend on Myung Ran for her sanity and comfort while Myung Ran has, at first, grudgingly become a shoulder to her. But as the series progressed, they’re shopping together, eating together, and are both sidekicks to Eun Sol. I love how Na Yoon’s femininity and childish antics contrasts with Myung Ran’s masculinity and no-nonsense personality. It’s a perfect combo for comedy.

4. Ji Heon and his relationship to his Dad

Ji Heon is not exactly the easiest kid to raise and his Dad knows that. They have some serious issues to work on but this is the best depiction of a father-son relationship I’ve seen. Dad is harsh on Ji Heon because he doesn’t know initially what’s wrong with him. He’s aware that there is something wrong but Ji Heon refuses to tell him. Dad shows so much love and pride in his son but doesn’t know how to properly express affection for him, especially with his rough personality. It’s a great display of pained parenting and childish rebellion mixed into one relationship.

3. The relationship between the Wise Grandmother and her son

Every drama is required to have a wise grandmother and luckily we got the grandma from Coffee Prince here. She’s a behind-the-scenes figure but she plays so prominently into the lives of her family. She’s knowing and sympathetic as if a lifetime of experience has taught her many things. Her relationship to her son is so delightful. You can see how much history these two have and the deep bond that they share. They’re closer than most parent-child couples are in Korean dramas and I like that a lot.

2. The delightfully nervous secretary to Chairman Cha

Secretary Park Sang Moo is hands down one of the best characters in this drama. He’s wonderfully twitchy and panick-y and it registers across his face in most scenes. I love his relationship to Chairman Cha and how respectful he is of him even though the Chairman hits him constantly. It’s a delightful pairing and what a physical actor! He’s an equivalent to No Eun Sol in that he’ll do anything to protect his boss’s standing in society.

1. The elevator scenes

Most of the best comedic moments in this drama occur in the elevator. This is where Chairman Cha beats his child while the secretaries try to block the security camera. This is where the awkward embraces between Ji Heon and Eun Sol occur. This is where a lot of threats, whispers, and naughty looks occur. Simply put, it’s comedy heaven and I love how much they can do with such a tiny place.

Watch Protect the Boss on Wednesday and Thursday to see how it all ends. Hopefully, I’ll get the review done the same day! Ji Sung’s Thespian Review will come on Friday. There’s a lot to look forward to this week!



3 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays: 10 Reasons I Love Protect the Boss”

  1. follower September 27, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    “Ji Sung, in the running for my #1 actor this year.”

    Oh well, great minds think alike.

  2. chasen8888 September 30, 2011 at 4:36 pm #

    I agree with your top ten list but I think you forgot to add one and that is Ji Heon’s conversations with the cardboard version of No Eun Seol which to me next to the elevator we got a lot of interesting scenes. As a matter of fact the cardboard was the unknown costar of the show.

    This has been one of the most refreshing dramas that I have watched in my 3 year kdrama life. its a keeper for me.

    Have a good weekend.

    • dramapop September 30, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

      eeeks I totally forgot about that! Ahahaa. That was really cute.
      It is so refreshing! Too bad for the extension which brought it down for me a peg or two. Still, I’m sure it’s the most consistent hilarious and awesome drama I’ve seen in a while.
      🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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