WTF of the Week: Heart2Heart

28 Sep

“Heart2Heart is a new American pop group. A five member boy band consisting of Chad Future (Leader), Nico, Pretty Boi Pete, Brayden and KX. Music Videos are Directed by Chad Future/David Lehre & All choreography is led by KX”…


So basically, former N’SYNC member Lance Bass has made a new boy group under the name Heart2Heart (or more accurately Heart2traeH). Even though he hasn’t officially said it, it’s kind of obvious that the group was inspired by Korean boy bands such as: 2PM, U-Kiss, and Teen Top.


Now, I’m not trying to be pessimistic about this group before they even debut, but I  honestly can’t see how they can be serious. Like, WTF people???? They might as well associated themselves with Disney or Nickelodeon and get it over and done with.

And couldn’t they have been a little bit more subtle with how much of an influence KPop had on the group. With a hackneyed name (4Minutes’s last single) and an overdone concept (Teen Top, SNSD), I really don’t see anything original about Heart2Heart. Let’s see how much they resemble every other KPop group out there:

KPop Boy Band Checklist

  • Defined roles? (i.e. leader, dancer, rapper, pretty boy) Check.
  • Semi-ridiculous name that somehow incorporates a number? (2PM, 8Eight, 4Minute, 2NE1, 1sagain, 4Men) Check.
  • Teen Disney hair styles? Check.
  • Not-so-famous mentor who acts as the groups guide and inspiration? Check.

Heart2Heart is set to debut on October 3rd with their 1st Mini Album and music video

For more details, check out their official site here

Here’s a link to the group’s Twitter

Their YouTube channel

and their Facebook page

What do you think? Will Heart2Heart be a hit or a flop?



4 Responses to “WTF of the Week: Heart2Heart”

  1. Brittany September 29, 2011 at 12:09 am #

    Seriously. Like is this for real? It’s unbelievable what comes out nowadays.

  2. JeSsBeL October 4, 2011 at 6:55 pm #

    I just saw the vid and all I could say was EWWWWWW HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA WTF?!
    It’s awful… They seem like they’re trying to copy kpop groups, but it’s a big FAIL, they make everything look so gay (like the dancing, eyeliner, and pretty much everything else) while kpop groups make everything look HOT.
    Maybe it’s just a parody? Cuz this ain’t good…

  3. Alice October 5, 2011 at 5:20 am #

    This is pop, not wannabe kpop. Pop all over the world is similar. You may as well say they’re copying Jpop or Cpop. All of them are similar, and all of them sound like the 90s. Anyway, kpop all started because Korea was super influenced by western pop groups. Looks like they’re trying (pretty sure they’ll fail) to bring back the 90s boy group or somethin lol but I don’t think they’re copying Kpop. They’re just being “pop”.

    • JeSsBeL October 5, 2011 at 10:28 pm #

      I see your point, believe me, but if their trying to bring back the 90s, then they would be doing stuff like N*SYNC, Back Street Boys, and what other groups did. As a child, I don’t remember any of the 90s group wearing make up and the only guys I remember wearing make up would be rock band members or Marilyn Manson… Heck, I even took a Music History class last semester and we went over the 90s music and groups and Heart2Heart doesn’t remind me of any of the groups I saw… maybe Spice Girls jkjkjk
      And yes kpop groups were influenced by american groups. But, look at a kpop group like 2pm, B2ST, or BigBang and look at N*SYNC or BSB… are they doing the same stuff? Do they dance the same? Do they dress the same? Is their music the same? And as of this year or the past years, American MVs are so different from kpop MVs and the video Heart2Heart did looks like they got the idea from a bunch of kpop like Se7en, 2pm, and such. Oh and also, why did they tag Korean Groups??? I don’t see a problem with them tagging kpop groups like other fans are, but what I am seeing is that they are definitely trying something here…
      I mean, I think it’d be cool if an American group was influenced by kpop and did awesome cuz it’d open new doors to other groups, but these guys are just not it…

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