College Diary #5-Friendships

2 Oct

Although academics and extra-curricular activities are really big parts of the college experience, another significant aspect is the people around you. After graduating from a small school where my entire class consisted of 74 people, Rutgers with its student population of 55,000+ was definitely a change of environment for me. Along with this change, I think my approach to making friends also changed. My social life really isn’t a priority anymore. I used to balance my social life with my academics and extra-curriculars in high school, but now my focus is on academics and everything else kind of falls into place. Even though this sounds weird and extremely anti-social, I found that I have made a lot of friends without actually making an effort to. I think the beauty of college is that there are so many people from so many walks of life.


In high school, if I didn’t necessarily get along with someone, I would have to work it out because I knew I would be seeing them in class, on the bus, in the library, and even at Starbucks. At college, it’s a different story. When I meet someone I like, we simply become friends and find time to hang out together. If I don’t like them, then chances are I will never see them for the rest of my college career.


My Floormates and I Having a Tea Party at 3AM


Another thing I like about college is the diversity. My high school was not the most racially diverse of schools. It was a K-12 private school in a upper class neighborhood so the majority of the student population was upper class Caucasians. When I was a freshman, there was a school-wide initiative to make the school more diverse, which means they basically accepted a bunch of minority students. Given that all us “cultural” students were new freshman at the same time, we all got really close to each other, and not to the original students which made for some pretty awkward racial situations during the four years of high school. Classes where racism was discussed were always uncomfortable because the one or two minority students in the class were expected to be the spokesperson for their entire race. Now, I am all for cross cultural understanding and stuff, but let me say, my high school career was a lot more difficult that it should have been due to the lack of diversity at my school.


Transition to Rutgers-Rutgers is a school where there is a LOT of diversity. Like A LOT. I love the fact that on my floor alone, there are students from Afghanistan, Thailand, Nigeria, Guatemala, Italy Hong Kong, and Trinidad. In the first few weeks alone, I’ve learnt so much about other cultures just through interactions with my floormates.


Despite the killer schedule between classes, crew practice, and my other activities, I’m loving college and the new friends I’m making. Look forwards to next week’s College Diary with Clarence!



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