KPop Escapades: How I Managed To Get A KBS Concert Ticket

2 Oct

So I am sure most of you have heard of the KPop concert occurring on October 9th of this year. KBS is sponsoring a free concert to promote Korean culture here in New Jersey. Like most Kpop fans, I was super excited to hear that I would get a chance to see some of my favorite KPop stars live and for free. Then, it was released than instead of there being free admission, tickets would  be distributed a week earlier (Oct 2-today) at 2PM at certain locations in New York. Seeing as KBS had said that they estimated approximately 10,000 fans to be at the concert, most people assumed that around 10,000 tickets would be distributed. Little did we know that there would be the first 130 or so fans would be given tickets.

My friends Jen and Jenny waiting in line-they got tickets number 128 and 129

Me being the dedicated and slightly crazed KPop fan I am, left my dorm at 9AM in order to line up for tickets. I was the hundred and -something person in line so I figured I would have a good chance at getting a ticket. I did NOT take into account the fact that 50+ would cut the line in front me 😦

In the words of the person behind me “If someone cuts the line, I’m going to cut them..literally.”

Baby Jaeden is NOT a happy customer

As the line spiraled around the H-Mart, I began to get nervous about whether I would get a ticket or not. Then, the H-Mart staff began distributing the 130 ticket vouchers. To my GREAT surprise, I got the 130th ticket! I couldn’t help but start screaming and jumping up and down.

Many people around the tri-state area have been protesting that the company that was supposedly supposed to organize the entire event. They really were not organized at ALL. I heard that in Cherry Hill, the people giving out all the tickets handed them out at 6AM to the first 75 people, allowing some people to get more than their allotted number of tickets. They also failed to relay this information to the hundreds of people waiting in line for hours until 2PM. If you were unable to get a ticket, do not fear! There are still seats for the first few people to arrive to the concert venue, so try to leave as early as possible

These AWESOME socks I found inside H-Mart



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