Tablo Signs 4-Year Contract with YG

3 Oct

I don’t think I could have been more taken by surprised if I had heard that SNSD had signed with YG. As the third KPop artist that I ever listened to, Epik High and its leader, Tablo have a special place in my heart. The indie rap/hip-hop trio (comprised of Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz) has been in the Korean music industry for more than 7 years.

They are known for not sticking to the standards of hip hop, rap, nor indie music. What initially drew me to this group was the fact that one of their songs (Love Love Love) was a crazy mix of techno and rap; a combination that I had never heard in American music before.

After leaving their former entertainment company, Woolim Entertainment, they set up their own label called Map the Soul which houses Dok2, Epik High, MYK, and Planet Shiver.

At the moment, Epik is on a hiatus because member Mithra Jin is serving his mandatory military service.

Which is why I was so floored when I heard that leader, signed a 4-year contract with YG to debut as a soloist in November of this year. From KPop artists such as Big Bang, 2NE1, and Gummy, it’s easy to realize that YG artists have a certain sound that they all have in common.

While there is a lot of musical variety within each group, YG artists are still associated with that raw hip-hop and R&B sound.

I am having a hard time picturing Tablo under YG for this reason. Even though I totally support all of his endeavors, I also don’t know why he would sign a 4-YEAR contract with another company when he is the leader of another group.

Both Epik High and Tablo have been known to be rebels of some sort of mainstream music. Even when they’re sales were not the greatest, the refused to conform to the standard which popular musicians were setting. I also loved the fact that they composed, arranged, and produced all of their songs. Even though I am wary of this particular endeavor, we’ll see what Tablo and YG have in store for the future.



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