Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Korean Fanatic

4 Oct

I’m assuming that since you are reading this post right now, there is a high possibility that you are what we like to call a Korean Fanatic. Korean music, dramas, and culture all fascinate you and come to the realization that you are a wee bit obsessed. If you are still unsure of whether you fully fit the definition of a Korean Fanatic, check out the list below to verify.

You’re a Korean Fanatic When:

1.       Korean Student Association

You join the Korean Student Association even though you’re not Korean…and come to realize that half of the people there are not even Korean, but are Korean fanatics just like you.

2.      You Text in Korean

You text your Korean friends in Korean, but occasionally slip up and text your non-Korean friends in Korean.

3.       Bonding in College

When you awkwardly start college with few friends, but find out that some of your floormates like KPop and instantly become BFFS (shout out to my neighbor, Jen!!)

4.       You Start Learning Korean for KDramas

You buy Korean textbooks off of Amazon and begin teaching yourself Korean for the sole purpose of being able to watch Korean dramas without having to wait for subs.

5.       You Accidentally Say Random Korean Phrases in Spanish Class

Your Spanish professor asks you a question in class and you answer in Korean. Awkward.


6.       You Make a Blog on How Awesome KPop Is

You and a friend realize the epic awesomeness of KPop and decided to make an equally awesome blog (you might have heard of it, it’s called

7.       You Go To A Free KPop Concert Regardless of you 39802 Assignments Due on Monday

You literally fill up a page by writing down the assignments, quizzes, midterms, projects, and essays that are due on the weekend of October 8th, yet you decided to go to the free KPop concert anyways. I’m. So. Excited.

8.       When Watching KDramas, Your Attention Span is 3890189 Times Better Than In Class

You are unable to sit still for an entire 80-minute lecture, yet you have the remarkable ability to watch an ENTIRE KDrama series within 2 days (*coughcoughclarencecoughcough*)

9.       You Forget What It Feels Like To Watch TV On An Actual TV.

You completely forget the appeal of American/British TV shows due to the fact that your pupils are constantly glued to your computer screen.

10.   You Systematically Choose KDramas Over Homework

Regardless of the fact that you’re main job as a student is to do well academically, you always choose to catch up on your favorite Korean dramas or TV shows first. You then stop and think, “Wow, I only have 26 minutes before this 7-page essay is due…I probably shouldn’t have watched 5 episodes of Protect the Boss in a row…”


4 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Ways You Know You’re a Korean Fanatic”

  1. mamae October 4, 2011 at 1:41 am #

    so true, especially nos. 8 and 9……………….

  2. Alice October 5, 2011 at 5:04 am #

    Lol Number 10 has gotten me in SO much trouble these past couple of years.

    Number 8!!! So true!! haha

  3. berry October 6, 2011 at 3:56 pm #

    when i first got to halls and i found out i wouldn’t have internet til i registered in 5 days time i nearly cried. how would i watch the end of protect the boss? how would i check my favourite blogs? how would i check my kdrama and kpop news?
    it was alright though as i was very busy being drunk and then sick for the first week and it past in a flash and i have the internet now so i’m good. however my brother didn’t think i would survive without the internet 😛

    • dramapop October 6, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

      Ahahaha OMG i thought that too bcuz I didn’t have internet for a week while I was moving from NY to Maryland. I didnt even get to see the last episode of City Hunter until 2 weeks after! And I was missing my Protect the Boss too 😦

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